Stone - Whiskey Myers

I have been working on fingerpicking without anchoring for a while now.
So did a recording today to see how that went.

It has been quite difficult and still is to play with no anchor. It changes up things. The chord change is slower for some reason. Its much harder too pick out strings. I have played most set patterns last week, was weird going back to random strings.

The recording is a disaster though. Turned out that the camera did not tape the picking hand :see_no_evil:


Well that was a rather good listen, it felt like a more intimate performance. Like you had just picked up the guitar and started playing to yourself and we all just gathered around the fire place to listen. Never heard the song before. I’d be interested knowing what it was you were playing.

Thanks @Socio
Appreciate your nice words.

The song is called stone played by a band called Whiskey Myers… check them out, they are cool band :grin:

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I would love to see your right hand Trond so I can actually comment on how are you getting on :laughing: sounded good to me, very nice and mellow tune.

From my experience what taught me not to use anchor (at least not always I might still occasionally use it if it’s more convenient) is a song incorporating first three fingers and a thumb in picking pattern. If you are using ring finger you can’t use the anchor and that’s how you can learn to get rid of it :wink:

My suggestion - main theme from a movie called The Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges called The Weary Kind by Ryan Bingham. I have it on my channel if you want to check out, has plenty of tricky changes but it’s really worth giving it a try.

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I love the weary kind Adi. I will check it out. Have not really had any attempt on it, i have written it off as too difficult. But yes, that was a good idea. I do play some things with anchor. I aim to be able too do both. As you said. Sometimes it is convenient with anchor.
Thanks for the tips, i will dive into Ryan Bingham :grin:

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That sounded good to my ears, both guitar and singing, Trond. You are making progress with the finger-picking without an anchor finger.


Not following this, Adrian. I used my pinky as an anchor for the first few years of trying to finger-pick, which certainly included House of the Rising Sun picked with index, middle, ring picking GBe strings. I’m now working at not using the pinky in that way.

@tRONd Trond, what I picked up to be important is still having some part of the arm or hand anchored to provide some stability. I keep my forearm anchored against the top of the guitar body, but getting control of the hand, to keep movements to the minimum is taking plenty practice.

And it remains a pain to switch back to picking after say thumb-strumming the chorus to achieve much sought after variation between verse and chorus. Maybe when I have 100s and 100s, if not 1000s of hours of doing it, it will be as natural as strumming open chords.

We must just keep on trondling.

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Yes. I see the issue with no anchoring and switching between strumming and picking. That is something I’m not able too do. I can play a song with picking hand in one position. But as soon as i change between strumming and picking i find it impossible for now.

I think i like this new verb Brian came up with… trondling :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Sorry for late reply David, a bit busy while being away :slight_smile: when I started playing the song I mentioned I found for myself that using anchor while playing with ring finger as well was slowing me down and was awkward so I learnt how to play without anchor due to it being uncomfortable to me, that is where my suggestion came from that perhaps other will feel the same way :slight_smile: however I tried on one of guitars I found from my past at hometown using anchor for fingerstyle with 3 fingers and thumb and certainly it is doable, however still uncomfortable to me :grin:

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Another great video @tRONd, always enjoy your ones. Yep, bummer we couldn’t see your picking hand but still an enjoyable play and sing through.

Hey this one slipped under the radar, Trond :wink:
Another understated but cool song.
You get away with all sorts, you know. Even the wobbles in tempo almost sound like they are on purpose to add some fragility :rofl:
Good stuff indeed
I’m going to trondle over to What are you listening to now , as you reminded me of another sad Norwegian troubadour :laughing:

Hehehehe… thanks a lot @brianlarsen and @jkahn

Yeah. Whole point with that recording was to tape my right hand :see_no_evil:

Very nice, Tron! Sorry I’m just meeting you. I jumped over to your learning log also. Interesting read about your buying and selling your guitars and finding some you loved and knowing it when you played them. I also enjoyed this song. Something I would like to play soon. I’m going to go now and check out Whisky Myers! Anyway, Good job!

Thanks Pamela :pray:

Appreciate it :grin:

Hi Trond,
Weird, I could have sworn I already posted something here…it must have gone wrong a few days ago when I was looking for a video with Tommy Emmanuel… in which he tells…almost yells…use an anchor… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
So, having said that… a nice song again :ok_hand:… just work out the mistakes and it can be on CD :sunglasses:…and a happy sun for you, you gloomy singer :sun_with_face:

Hahahaha Roger. I could sworn the same thing :rofl: but i dont find it either.
Im struggling a bit with this anchor finger and thumb placement. I do know mr. Emanuell has said this thing about anchor finger. And yeah… i seems like he found it to work :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Appreciate your feedbacks and your small drips of sunshine. Makes me smile :grin:

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:joy: :joy: :sweat_smile:

Only solution is another song, another video then :grinning:

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I’m always impressed with what you share on here Trond. I love your song choices, your playing and your voice. Keep up the excellent work. :slight_smile:

I like your laid back approach on this and the finger work. Yeah, the camera work needs to move back a bit, but it did not take away from the performance. Good job all around!

Keep up the rock’n good vibe,

Thanks a lot @SgtColon and @LBro

I will try to come back a little stronger with the camera pointing on the correct spot :rofl:

Thanks again guys. Much appreciated!