Stop Crying Your Heart Out Cover - Oasis

Sup guys so heres another song lol. I have done this one a few times but I did it differently this time around. Hope you like it! :slight_smile: Stop Crying Your Heart Out Cover - YouTube


Nice Byron :+1:

Good effort with the high notes!

Thanks man! You guys think i should leave out my high pitch voice or would it be better singing it regularly? Figured i would try something a little different lol. My mom did not like it really and said it sounds like im making fun of the song haha. Opinions? Promise you wont hurt my feelings ;d

You’ve definitely more ‘tone’ or ‘body’ in the lower notes.

The high notes are on pitch so I would keep going, definitely not a lost cause.

Hi Bytron that was a good effort well done mate! In terms of your question I guess it all depends, I don’t mind a bit of falsetto as long as it’s only a bit. I perhaps wouldn’t go for a full verse of falsetto, rather just a delicate accent here and there. But that’s mine opinion and you know what they say about opinions, you have as many of them as you have butts around the world :rofl: all the best!

Great falsetto and loved your strumming technique.

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Hi Byron,
Not sure on the high (head voice?) singing? I would need to hear it both ways.

One thing I will suggest though is to maybe dry out the reverb a bit. It is placing your vocals behind the guitar. Sort of like the guitar is in front of you and the vocals are way back in the background, in a cave. I’m exaggerating of course, but the is something there in what I am relating. IMHO, you could bring down the verb a good 80% and replace it with a proper delay if you have that on your end? You should immediately hear the vox jump to the front with the delay on and the verb off, or in using just a little. You will still get the effects of a reverb type sound, but without the hindrances that it brings to the table.

Overall, great effort and interesting!

Nicely done Byron. Another great song choice.

For me I’d not bother with the falsetto. I don’t think it really brought anything to the song but fair play on giving it a crack.