Strange Days, The Doors (cover)

I did the same. It had some influence, both musically and behaviorally. But will say that I never dropped acid, despite other folk extolling its virtues and having it in hand one weekend when in the army and hanging out in Hillbrow.

For some reason the description of Jim’s brother kneeling over him and dribbling long strands of thick saliva (after drinking orange juice) over his face. only to suck it back up again before it made contact, has remained with me :roll_eyes:
Even if not acid, you still haven’t addressed Gordon’s worry :wink:

Now you have me scratching my head … my memory would have been of Jim torturing his brother in that way. And then there was the story about tobogganing as well.

I guess now it doesn’t take too much imagination to come up with guesses that would be likely :laughing: Though maybe Gordon was not influenced by that biography, and needs more food for thought :laughing:.

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I’m sure you’re right. It was the image that struck me, not the participants. Long time ago… :wink:

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That was very enjoyable Brian. I thought you playing and singing were excellent, as always.
I know quite a few Doors, songs but I’d not heard this one before but what a treat it was.