Strange Life (cover)

Much as I enjoyed the positive vibes and wonderful sixties sound from my collaboration with Pam, @pkboo3 , the sun splitting the stones on this hottest day ever recorded in the UK filled me with an urge to retreat to the shadows- or at least a bit of shade… :sunglasses:

This is a cover from the wonderful Todd A’s band Firewater


Hi Brian,
Sorry,…I don’t have any bad things to say this time :sunglasses: :clap:…or should I just say…"you’re very happy with your jengel-stengel aren’t you '. used for a while now at the end and then that happy face :smirk:…No it’s nice,… :bouquet:
on this sweltering day…record with you,… in France, …here the 2e highest after 2019…it’s a good thing that climate warming is a hoax, right? otherwise i would be really worried… :woozy_face:
( quote from…Mayfield & Hendrix Style Fills )

And luckily you are not in the figurative shadow again… :joy:

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I was dancing around the room to that! Fab. LOVE that guitar. GORGEOUS. :heart_eyes:

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@roger_holland You’re going to burn out if you’re not careful, young man :sunglasses: :fire:
Yes, jangling my Stengel is becoming my signature at the end, isn’t it? :rofl:
Having said that, Justin (and many other guitarists) often does that neck/body pulling to get a similar effect at the end of songs. This is my lazy fun shortcut :wink:
Hope you’re keeping well x

@Shell Hehe, I think that’s the first time anyone ever said they ‘danced’ to my music :rofl:
I’m presuming you are version of Michelle or Shelly as opposed to an oil conglomerate, so I shall thank you kindly for the listen and dance and pop over to find out more about you :wink:

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Hey Brian,

Didn’t know this tune, but it was really catchy indeed! I think this was a really great live performance from you.
You looked very calm and relaxed, and knew the guitar parts well enough for them to be on “auto pilot” while you performed, and put expression and feeling into the vocals. Great stuff!


Looking a little flush Mr L but sounded as cool a a cool thing. What a fun jolly romp twas that and treated to you monkeying around with your parabolic atrium and having a little judder at the end. A lot safer than doing the bendy guitar thang but too hot for exercise anyway !

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Another concoction whipped up in a trice from the Larsen cauldron. Keep 'em coming Gandalf.


That was really enjoyable Brian. A great beat you got going there.

As I was thinking to ask you whilst watching you play, you used your whammy bar right at the end and I thought that was a great way to finish.

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Hej @Kasper
What a cool comment on a hot day :sunglasses:
I admire your ability (and willingness) to appreciate others’ efforts in their own context.
Mange tak!

Indeed Monsieur. Normal service has resumed here in Blighty now.
Looking forward to hearing the fruits of your new toys when the initial ‘try everything’ phase has settled dowm :wink:

@batwoman Careful lady, lest I put a spell on you too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@SgtColon Cheers mate. No reason you can’t dial these in yourself now.
I forgot to mention when we were chatting. The genres on the Trio+ that I use the most are
pop (occ alt pop)
folk (this one :smiley:)
and rock, probably in that frequency.


@brianlarsen Thanks for that Brian. I’ve taken a note of your top 4 and I’ll see how they sound with the tunes I’ll be playing. :slight_smile:

Another enjoyable performance, Brian. You have become near prolific, producing the goods with the electrics and the Trio. And I also notice a developing fondness for the whammy bar. Next you’ll be dive-bombing like EVH at the start of a song.

Loved it.

Very enjoyable Brian. Once again you’ve got me asking Mr Google to find the band!

Another electric goody using your Trio+ (and whammy). I don’t know the song but the punk energy shone through in your performance. Your vocal was suitably gritty and suited the song.

I thought your Trio+ backing was spot on. You mentioned the genres in your reply to Stefan (@SgtColon).
I think the titles are pretty arbitrary to be honest. I’ve used the most unlikely settings for songs. For Knockin’ OHD I think I used alt rock!

Good stuff. Well done.

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Great stuff Brian, Daphne again! Glad I introduced you to her she certainly fits the bill very well, including the wobbly bit at the end!
You certainly do pick some interesting material, I’m sure that this is reflected in your zany character :joy:

Well I’m a bit late to the party for another Brian special. Been a bit busy and I can’t keep up with the increased volume on AVOYP.

Wouldn’t want to miss this one though. Pretty catchy tune. I could swear I’d heard it before although I don’t recognise the band name. Really well played and performed, just enjoyed it.

Same here JK usually AVOYP gets busiest when I am unable to watch stuff over :laughing:

Brian another fine performance, loved change if dynamics here and there. I think you totally got rid of red light syndromme and you are able to pick up guitar and make a show without even a snap of your fingers, really impressive quality to have in your arsenal! All the best B!

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@DavidP Cheers David
Yes the HB is my ‘go-to’ at the moment and as mentioned, I have developed a habit of wiggling the stick at the end. It’s just fun. That’s where all comparisons with EVH end… :rofl:

@RonG Love that you loved it
Appreciate the listen and comment :smiley:

@sairfingers Haha, wouldn’t want you to think that I was neglecting all my ‘unsung heroes’
Yes, it’s definitely worth twiddling all the knobs on the Trio to find the most suitable match. I find the folk setting often gives an energetic vibe to punky songs :laughing:

Well, thank you, kind Sir! :laughing:

@jkahn & @adi_mrok
Much appreciated, both of you, I’ve decided I’m never going to ‘catch up’ and follow all the activity that goes on here, but more importantly not feel guilty about it. I always appreciate when folks comment, but never mind if they don’t. Whenever an old/familiar name pops up, I always think ‘oh, that’s nice’ rather than ‘where have they been?’.
Summer has been a time of lesser activity for me in the past and I can see the same happening now, so I shall be ‘unapologetically erratic’ in the Community :rofl:
(Pretty sure I will still find time to do a fair bit of ‘lurking’)


Another fun, enjoyable, great rhythm, performance. Like Adrian implied, not a shy bone in your body. Wish I had even a quarter of your “extrovertedness”. It truly was a good performance. Loved it.

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That was great. Were you strumming with your finger tips?

@pkboo3 Cheers Pam,
I cringe like everyone else at some of the things I say/do -
I just think the interaction is worth the risk :laughing:
Much appreciated

@skeldol Thanks Leon,
Yes, you would have thought after four years of strumming, I would have cracked the art of holding a bit of plastic between my thumb and index, wouldn’t you? :roll_eyes:
It’s on the ‘list’

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