String Continues to Ring

Having an irritating problem with strings continuing to ring out after my fingers move on. One example…going from G to anything I’m still hearing the E string after I take my finger off. What am I doing/not doing? Thx

You need to play the string or mute it

Make sure your not flicking the E string as you’re taking your finger off

I have this problem too. You can mute the strings with the palm of your picking hand, but the main problem for me is my fingers momentarily sticking to the strings when I take them off causing them to ring, which is exaggerated when on electric guitar with gain.

@Jby51 John, are you playing acoustic or electric?

If you are quite new to playing things may change as you develop your callouses. In the early days you may develop rough edges that catch a string as @stitch was suggesting. You can use an emery board to file those smooth.

@laser_171825 Malcolm, that may apply to your momentarily sticking issue. With an electric guitar, once you turn up and add gain then string muting becomes essential to control the unwanted noise, the electric guitar becomes a beast to tame under those circumstances :grin:

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String noise! My enemy. Once I get better at conquering this monster I will let know how to do it. It’s hit and miss for me, I mostly try and make peace with it. Best to consider it raw, unabridged, garage rock guitar playing. If you have any aspirations of playing high gain electric guitar, you’ll really begin to hate string noise.

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Tell me about it, Clint! Now that I am trying my hand a string bending, the need to mute strings or silence a string played with the edge of the right hand is way more difficult than Justin makes it sound, even when he says it will take some practice.

And then there is left hand string muting … tip of a finger to mute the string above. Laying the lower part of a finger to mute the strings below.

And I still have to try and get things all in order with the fretting and strumming/picking


This guitar playing is not for sissies


I found myself thumb-muting the low E string when playing an open A, Am, C, etc. and the two low strings when playing open D because of this. I was (am) too wild with my strumming to only hit the strings you want to play!

A bit later on in the beginner’s course Justin recommended the thumb muting over the top of the fretboard, so I probably made life a bit more difficult for myself in the early days of learning open chords.

Just this week I have become intrigued by / focused on hearing individual open strings that keep ringing when changing between open chords if you let them - it’s a long journey we’re on!

I have been trying to learn a boom-chunka alternating base/mutated strum and I think it has made my entire hand turn to stone.