String muting when changing chords

Any advise on how to mute strings so that they don’t make any sound when I’m changing chords? Basically what I’m trying to avoid is making any sound when I lift the fingers of my fretting hand … I’m finding it difficult in some cases to not make a sort of “pull off” or “flick off” sound when there should not be any pull off. Is it just a matter of practice for the timing and “touch” right? I have watched a couple Justin’s videos related to sting muting, and they were helpful, but they were mainly about muting when playing scales, which is a bit different.

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Maybe try posting a video of what’s happening?

I’ve had issues at times with pull-off type things happening. Usually from calluses or fingernails snagging.

It happens a lot less now I keep my fretting hand fingernails super short and my calluses don’t tear much now I’ve had them for months. Sometimes I have to cut/chew off a piece of callus that snags.

I get around this by sliding my finger down the string as it’s coming off, it doesn’t stick as much as so reduces the ‘ringing’.

String muting also plays a part, Justin has loads on that subject…


That’s one approach, JK. Alternatively sneak use of your missus’s emery board and file smooth. I still don’t play enough to achieve the ultimate leathery state of fingertips that can defy attempts of any nurse trying to draw simple drop of blood via a finger-tip prick.

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In truth I usually just bite it off, not cut :joy:. But seemed a bit of a stretch to suggest someone else do that. Always have my teeth with me! :joy:

Indeed, asking somebody to bite off a piece of callous from your finger tip would be way beyond weird :rofl:

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I’m sure there’s websites for that :joy::joy::joy:

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It’s probably less of an issue than you think it is. In the beginning we tend to compare our playing to highly produced and perfectly EQ’d rock radio.

Play your guitar and enjoy the charm of the instrument and what you can do with it. One last tip: Don’t eat sticky buns before jamming out on the guit. :wink:

Thanks for the feedback everyone!