Strings falling out of nut

Hi Adi,

Compared to my electric guitars, this low E string is already way deeper in the nut slot. Seeing the rough edges on the close-ups, I guess someone has already done some filing on this nut. If a proper restringing doesn’t help, I’d try a brand new nut.

I found a few videos and articles that you may find useful:

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I think @Jozsef and @Majik are on the right track.

It is clearly not the shallow nut problem I was thinking of.

Start with new strings properly strung, new properly used string guides and a toothbrush to clean that all up!

Then adjust the truss rod to proper relief and make sure the string hight (action) is reasonable at the bridge adjustment.

Although the nut may not be great, you may not need to replace it.

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Thank you both Jozsef and Joshua, yes cleaning is definitely on my to do list after guitar being stored in a garage for over 10 years!