Struggling to Make Progress

Keep the joy alive-love that. We are all our worst critics. Vielen Dank Nicole. Thanks for the motivational words:)

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Hi Silvia,

Humming the melody. That is a great suggestion and I have heard that from others. I also like what you said about connecting with the guitar. Thanks for the motivational words.

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Thanks everyone for the meaningful words and great advice. This gives me a lot to think about. One takeaway I can say is I feel really supported by the group and am very touched at the detail and level of replies. Have a great day everyone. On a positive note I sent a video of that Shadow of the day song and got accepted at a local music school here for fall lessons. I have never had a true lesson before other than Justin’s website (which is great), but maybe adding in person feedback will help.


Thanks very much for the suggestions. Guitar playing is supposed to be enjoyable. It is indeed for me, just 12 hour work days is keeping me from it. I have to admit my job is working from home and my guitar calls my name to be played during work meetings off camera. Don’t forget the mute button or someone will ask what’s that tune playing? It’s happened before lol. Thanks for the Amazon tip too