Strumming On The Beat

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Thanks both for your replies, yeah I’m going to be incorporating chord changes into my tappings (probably start on the 2nd or 3rd taps for now).

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Hello @rikky_boy and welcome to the Community.

One strum per bar:

Four strums per bar:

Hope that helps.
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Perfect thanks mate :slight_smile:

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@Richard_close2u I don’t fully understand the concept of downbeats, upbeats, etc. Does Justin have other videos where I can learn more about this in detail? He provides a picture of a music sheet in the “learn more” section. Where can I find more information on how to read this?


You should check out all the rhythm lessons in the same module. Cheers.


Hi Dante - check the video lesson @jjw1 linked. Hopefully it is enough for you for now. Ask other questions if you still have issues.
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