Strumming practice - how long should I spend on this each day?

How long should I practice strumming daily, 5 minutes or more?

Depends on the stage you’re at but in general there are videos showing a recommended breakdown of practice module by module, so I’d suggest just going with those as a base and then if you feel you’d benefit from focus on specific things, then tailor your own practice to include a few extra minutes on that too.

I thought I was strumming okay until I took my headphones off while playing along with the practice songs and heard my strumming. Definitely need more practice time allocated to strumming mechanics. Thank you for your reply.

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Charlie H has this covered well.
I try to play or do do lessons every day. I miss a few days as life gets in the way. but everyday i have my guitar I have me guitar in my arms and I just fool around with it. I do whatever comes to mind. (nothing planed)
If the TV is on, I often sit in the room and softly play anything that comes to mind. Today I was holding chords and play melodies. I played melodies I have played some I just made up. I also thought about songs I have not played or even heard on the radio in a decade or more. I just hold a chord and pick out the notes and ad some strums within the picking with my little finger. If my wife get annoyed I just move to another room and shut the door. When I get bored with it, I put it away. I do this almost everyday and often do again later in the same day. It is important to have fun in these moments.

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