Sweet Child O' Mine - just the chords

Hi folks,

I am absolutely thrilled to share my first recording of Sweet Child. I’ve been working up to this for a while.

Man, this song is crazy good fun to play. It’s an unreasonable amount of fun.

That B chord is still a bit of a pest, but I’m slowly getting it under control.

The stuff I’ve been posting up to now has been very much in the “dad rock” category. And I love that stuff, I really do. But GnR is venturing into the kind of music that feels like it belongs to me and my generation. This is the kind of music that made me want to go out and buy a guitar in the first place. It does not feature in my Dad’s record collection :smiley:

Hang on a sec, I’m a dad, so does that mean GnR is now “dad rock”? Is the Eagles “granddad rock”?


Nice smooth rhythm Brendon kept really good timing with the music. :+1: :+1:

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Strumming was good and in time. Good to see you not looking at the chord changes too often.

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Well done, Brendan, everything looking and sounding pretty good. Keep working the portion with the B and it’ll keep getting more fluent.

You mean your Dad has some rock records in his collection :rofl: Seriously though, that is not a descriptor than can work universally since there’ll be Dads in every generation. So Eagles is your ‘Dad rock’ and your kids may consider GnR to be their ‘Dad rock’ :rofl:

Irrespective, this is a classic song, from an all time great debut album IMHO

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Really well played Brendon!

And that is what you should aim to play, cool that you managed to play a song that makes your heart tickle :smiley: well done!

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Hi Daddy,…soooo that sounds wrong :rofl: :joy:
I mean hi Brendan, :blush:
Sounds great and great to hear and see what huge steps you’ve made,… :sunglasses: :clap:

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Bravo :exclamation:

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You rocked it, Brendan! Rhythm especially was on point.

GnR released this song a couple years before I was born, but I remember it being popular throughout my childhood. When I was in high school a band even played it for a talent show we had. Now that I’m a father it trips me up to think that this song released 32 years before my son was born, lol. It’ll def be Dad rock to him.

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Great stuff Brendan. Thanks for taking me on a cool trip back to my youth. Really good job!!!

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I really enjoyed that Brendan, well played :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :guitar:

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Rock solid Brendan and a nice tone on the Strat helping it cut through. More good progress sir !

As to the Dad Rock Granddad Rock, when I were a lad it was all just rock, then these youngsters come along and have to label everything :rofl:

So I am with Brian Johnson and the boys.

Rock n Roll’s just Rock n Roll !


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Good one Brendan.

I’m pretty sure GnR is dad rock now. As is acca dacca, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Metallica… all the good ones :joy:.

I’m with Toby though, it’s all just rock. :grinning:

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For the record, I used the center position on the pickup selector, and “Clean Echoes” preset in GarageBand with the echo and reverb cranked down a bit.

I agree, I am not really hung up on the labels at all, just having a bit of chuckle.

Although I think there is some kind of a difference in how I relate to the music I picked up from my parents’ tastes, versus the stuff I landed on while I was discovering my own tastes.

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Synced nicely with the backing track Brendan. You did good.

This is what happened with me until pretty late in life I came across JG and my musical tastes have mushroomed.
Although, yeah, rock is rock is rock.

Really good. The world needs rhythm!

Thanks for sharing!