Sweet Child O Mine

Hi Just been learning Sweet Child O Mine intro with my guitar tuned down half a step but when I carry on and play the chords for the verse and chorus it sounds slightly out. Is all the song tuned down and if so are the chords Justin plays correct or do the chords have to change - help

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All Guns N’ Roses songs are tuned in Eb standard, so shouldn’t sound off.

If I understand you correctly, intro sounds correct but the chords sound out of tune, right?

Yes that’s correct I just wondered if the D C G of the verse was right because the guitar is tuned down

Yes, the chords are right. You play the shame shape but instead of getting a D chord for example, you’ll be hearing Db chord.

You might need to get your guitar set up but I would expect it to be out of tune higher on the fretboard then.

Maybe others will chip in something more useful.

Now that makes sense that the D shape is now Db - my ears are listening for the D and it sounds flat, should have realised that but thought maybe it was just the intro that was tuned down. Thank you very much for enlightening me very much appreciated

Ah, I see - mystery solved now! Enjoy learning the whole song (and the solos), it’s a great tune!