Sweet Dreams Cover - Eurythmics

Hey guys so this song is alot of fun to do!! Hope yall like it! It would be a great beginner song to learn also!! Enjoy! Sweet Dreams Cover - YouTube


You’re on a roll Byron! Another great song choice as well.

Lol thanks man! Yeah i get in my moods and love playing and singing and sharing it with you guys!! Thank you for stopping by and giving a listen, that means alot to me! :slight_smile: I usually get in these moods every so often and then ill stop playing completely for months then pick it back up again lol.

Looks like your dog was going to settle down for some sweet dreams. Then changed his mind.

Who am I to disagree?

Great playing as per usual.


That was really nice! You’ve got a very good sense of rhythm :blush:

Byron @Bytron08
Like it one of my favourite groups and songs
Michael :notes:

Oooh, I’m envious of your nice little picked runs, Bytron :wink:
That sounded cool/
I set up a simple backing track for this on my Trio+ about a month ago, but got distracted. (Partly because it sounded too different from the original I was hoping it would spit out :roll_eyes:)
My only suggestion- you should have gone for the Hold your head up, movin’ on bit
Keep on rockin; :sunglasses:

Another good one Byron, you’re on a roll again just now!
I love the Eurythmics and Annie Lennox and that was a super version with great runs.

Have you ever listened to The Tourists? Annie Lennox was the lead singer and they did a great version of Dusty Springfield’s I Only Want to be with You.

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That was another good one Byron. You make those picked runs look so easy. I thought this song suited you really well.

Thanks Brian! Yeah i should have i just dont like that part of the song so i left it out lol. But yeah i may redo it eventually and add it in. Only thing is i wish i could do the runs and sing it at the same time, now that is sooo hard doing the runs while singing.

Thanks sairs!! Hmm never heard of that song i will have to check it out! Thanks!

Thanks jkahn for stopping by and listening! Lol yep dog was like nope!

Gordon @sairfingers

Must stick up for a local Sunderland lad, Dave Stewart and he was part of the Tourists.
When the Tourists spit up he and Annie Lenox formed the Eurythmics, the rest they say is history.
Michael :grinning:

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Thanks Mat and sairs for the little history lesson! Very interesting!

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So is Annie the one that sings Sweet Dreams? I just listened to I only wanna be with you and ive heard it before! Great song also!!

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Bryson @Bytron08
Must confess I do like to do a bit of research on the songs I am learning. Here is another tit bit, when Channel 4 in the UK first started to show American Football in 1982 they used just the backing track over short highlights of games, very powerful effect.
I will keep quiet now but would ask if you have any other Eurythmics in mind to play.
Cheers Michael :guitar:

nicely played, I think this song really suited your style

Great song! I really enjoyed your cover - loved the picked runs
cute dog :slight_smile:

Thanks!!! Yeah I’m quite happy how this cover turned out!! Lol yep she’s my love bug haha. Thanks for the listen and comment!


Yes she is/was the lead vocalist in the Eurythmics. She’s Scottish born in Aberdeen.

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