Sweet Dreams Eurythmics Bass Cover

Heres another bass cover guys! This one was harder than jumping jack flash but i pulled it off except at the end i kinda fumbled Lol. Hope yall enjoy! Sweet Dreams Eurythmics Bass Cover - YouTube


Hello Byron,
Thanks for your video :slightly_smiling_face:.
To be honest, I’m quite new on my guitar journey and I’ve no clue about bass guitar :sweat_smile:, but nevertheless I wanted to say, that I really enjoyed your performance :grinning:.
Playing Bass seems to be much more complex, than I thought it would be :flushed:.

Hey Nicole! Thank you so much! Dont worry, this was a really difficult piece for me at the beginning. Dont sweat and just keep at it. Since your a new beginner i suggest looking at a song like wild thing on a regular guitar.

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Yes, I’ll definitely stick to the easy songs for now. But my songbook ist full of 'dreamers" :sweat_smile:.

Awesome!! :slight_smile: