Sweet Home Alabama Beginner Cover

@roger_holland thanks Rogier :smiley: It could have been three songs, but I made a rookie error of forgetting to hit the start recording button :roll_eyes:

@LBro I took your advice and experimented with the capo today. With the capo on the second fret, it felt a lot easier to sing the lyrics and control my vocals. Thanks for advice.

Good deal! Now you need to practice a bit and then record us a new sample!

Keep on rock’n,

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Definitely, that’s a good call. I’m going to keep that song as part of my song repetition and record an update in a month or so to evaluate the progress I have made, taking into consideration all the great advice received from the community. As for Bad Moon Rising, I think that’s good enough now to put into my campfire list and practice it now and again to keep it fresh in my memory. Thanks LB.

That wa a great James. Really good vocals with it and the mix of single string and chords was nicely done and smooth. Enjoyed that! :clap:

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Thanks for the feedback, Mark. I’m glad you enjoyed it :smiley:

Nice man keep it up you will only get better as you go!!! :smiley:

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Thanks, Byron, much appreciated. I hope to keep making steady progress.

Oh yeah you will if you play a little everyday

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