Swinging On A Star

A wonderful classic gem of a song. I used to sing this one a lot trying to get my kids to sleep, but only started trying to learn it on guitar a few days ago.

None of the chords are difficult but the speed of the changes in the verses is no joke!


Lucky kids having a Daddy singing to them in his soothing voice. You did well with the chord changes Brendan.

Good performance after a few days, Brendan. I think you’ll develop that song well when you work on some guitar rhythms that will pick it up.

Smooth and steady, Brendan, well played and sang.

Have you tried turning the guitar volume down just a little? I’d love your voice to be coming through a little stronger relative to the guitar.

Thanks David, I take your point about the volume. I was enjoying the luxury of being able to turn the amp up a little while the girls were out of the house. :slight_smile:

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Hi Brendan,
This may be a new song for you to play, but your strumming is very steady. I agree with DavidP, let the vox be heard! I really had a hard time picking out your vocals…

All the best and be well,

Hi Brendan,
Well done with all those fast chord changes…well done and a clear progress…

That’s working out well Brendan, others have commented here but it’s noticeable that your chord change mojo is building, chords are ringing a little longer and everything is nice and clean. Nice song!

Great song Brendan, I’m old enough to remember the Big Dee Irwin and Little Eva version. :smiley:

I think you’re ready to up your strumming pattern game.
Try DDDUDU. 123&4&. That would add a dynamic to your playing. Give it a try and see how you get on.

Hi Gordon, I wasn’t familiar with that version. I first heard the song in the film Hudson Hawk where it’s sung by Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello, and from there I checked out the Bing Crosby version.

Just had a listen to Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva, it was a lot of fun! The banter between the two singers was good stuff. His vocals were very stocatto compared to the other versions I’d heard.

I hear you on the strumming. On each song I tend to add more strums and vary up the pattern after I get the chord changes locked down, which for this song I’ve only just done today.