Tab or App?

Hi Justin guitar community!

I am coming back to the program after honestly taking a tour of some of the other options out there. Frankly, I missed the structure and great instruction from Justin on well… Everything.

I am going to jump back into level 2 as some os refresh, some is new, and some things, just stink. Looking at you F cord…

So I am trying to figure out what to sign up for for song learning support, the app or the tab program.

I can read sheet music and can follow basic sheet music / Tab. However the full version originals can be quite intimidating.

Also I really love play along app where you are playing the music with background. However not sure I want to stop sheet music, supporting the play along as it feels like a step back.

Anybody else dealt with this? Any recommendations out there?

Much appreciated!

Welcome, @MSkor !

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Michael @MSkor
First of all welcome to the community :+1:
In terms of your question Justin’s app and tabs are both excellent and if you have the cash get both.
If you have to make a choice then at the early stages of learning definitely the app because it has so much more than just play along songs. As you develop you might find the tabs is more what you want but at the end of the day it becomes a personal choice and available cash.

From another Michael

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I like the app. I am at intermediate level and I still use it for the following reason:

  • It helps me practice my rhythm and staying in time since I don’t have a jam buddy
  • I can practice fill-ins to the backing track
  • When I don’t have time to practice I can pick up my guitar and play a few songs
  • I can experiment strumming patterns to see what sounds good in context to the backing track

I just started to apply some the Justin lessons with the backing tracks in the app. Applying some on the blues lessons in Grade 4 and playing along with “Before You Accuse Me” using the techniques in the lesson “vari-shuffle climb” Boring to practice straight, but fun to play along with the app and experiment.

I also use Chordify. I signed up for a free trial then cancelled my subscription. Then I got an email last summer to get 12 months for the price of 1 so I jumped at it.

The key is to use whatever keeps you playing.



Thanks Michael! I am thinking I am going to start back with the App and see how it goes. I can still play some tab songs as part of my practice that I already have from Fender. Then jump over to Tab once I get back in flow and feeling better about it all.

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Hey Phil!

Thanks for the guidance!
I left JG and went to Fender Play, for a reason I cannot even recall. I made it through level 5 on their program and just stalled out. I missed the structure, defined practice routines, and frankly they great detail of the videos.
As I was working through Fender and I would get stuck on an item, I would go find a relatable JG video. I kept asking myself, why did I leave JG again?
On the move back, my only concern was going away from tab driven play along to the Apps dots model. However, your rationale makes a ton of sense and helps clarify. At the end of the day, I just want to be playing, with JG before I was and it was everyday, at least my practice time. With Fender, I just stopped.
Much Much Appreciated!

Thank you!!

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I was on Fender Play before I found Justin/Justin app and had both for a while. Fender was ok for learning riffs but I never had the sense that I was learning to play. I also considered not renewing the Justin App because I felt it was a crutch to memorizing chord progression, but I have been utilizing the App in new ways recently and finding ways to use it with my practice routine. As long the app helps me to move forward along in my journey I will continue to use it.

Good Luck,


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Thanks Phil!! I am sunk costs for the year on Fender, so it is always there to poke around at.
Looking forward to diving back in and giving the app a whirl!

Thanks again!

This is the only real downside to using the app that I have found - it does not help you memorize songs.

For me, creating or finding a lead sheet for App songs I want to memorize has been very helpful.