Tammy Lessons: the missing lessons

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I brought this up on the old forum a couple of times and now that the play ground has been revamped. Why are there only 12 Tammy Lessons when on Youtube there are 14?
Tammy Guitar Lesson 13 - finger style checkup, transcribing and other bits. - YouTube Lesson 13 Tammy Guitar Lesson 14 - catching up in 2020 before lockdown! - YouTube lesson 14

For anyone wanting to play acoustic guitar and learn how to practice this series of lesson are problibly some of Justin’s best lessons. Each video has a practice routine under the video.


Hey there - thanks for bringing this up! :slight_smile: We’re slowly reviewing all Playground content, and we’ll make sure to update these as well! I’ll update you about this issue here, but I can’t promise any timeline! Cheers


Thanks @stitch
I see Laryne is already on the task.

I remember when these came out, and loved it.
Tammy was a bit ahead of where I was at the time in most areas, but it was like having private tuition on tap :smiley:
Talking of privates, maybe it’s time to dip the toe into the Captain’s? :laughing:


Just go about it gently, Brian, or you may become frustrated. I’d love to be in the same kind of rut as the Captain, though compared to Danish Pete. Who knew that Danish Pete played in Tom Jones’ band back in the day …

I was aware of these lessons but not looked at them until this morning when I viewed the first one. Very interesting to see Justin in a 1 to 1 rather than in a video lesson, quite a different dynamic.

Tammy is obviously well down the journey. Might to be interesting to see him with an absolute beginner, but it could be perhaps too embarrassing for that person, in any event we have nitsuj

Michael :grinning:

Is there a in joke there or something else?

I assumed that Tammy was beginner in these lessons/videos but she is obviously not. At what level is she at the start of this series?


Both, Stuart. This is the ‘something else’ Playground | JustinGuitar.com The Captain is a nickname for Lee Anderton from Andertons Guitar Shop. Justin had some 1-1 sessions with him … private lessons … and as I recall the joke comes from their on camera banter.

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It doesn’t matter what level Tammy is at the point of the videos is to teach you how to practice so you’ll improve. Rut Busters and the Captain’s Privates are basicly the same type of lesson but for electric guitar.

You may well be right. Just that I thought that Tammy would be a beginner but obviously isn’t.

Two more things I wasn’t aware of until yesterday. Will check them out.

I’ve talked to Justin about that…and laughed…and he’s brooding to give this a sequel,…but for those who don’t realize it,…despite the fact that he’s taking a break been (or extra because of that :smile:) … Justin has a bit much hay on his fork,like we use to say…and in his case 10 hay forks…
And yes I’m going to write my report of my few minutes of lesson :speak_no_evil: :grimacing:

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and that solves the question of Rogier’s missing lesson transcript

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…and I already feel so bad about that, just put my finger on the sore spot :face_with_peeking_eye:…and if I give some reasons it feels like bad excuses,…and and… :woozy_face: