Tao of Metal - Troy Stetina

Chapter 3 of Troy’s metal rhythm guitar method complete, and it was a tricky one. A couple of concepts that I was familiar with but didn’t practice a lot of before this chapter:

  • Playing off beat - I have some experience with this playing La Grange from Justin’s rock songbook, so the extra practice helped.
  • New open power chords - again some experience with open powerchords from justin’s power chord course, cool to use them more.
  • Vibrato - this is still tough and I think I’m still weak with it. Justin’s video on hand vibrato was super helpful but I still need a lot of practice to get it where I want it to be.
  • Left hand muting - only experience I had with this was all the small things from my grade 2 practice. I’m pretty comfortable with it now.

Yeah, man, Alex. Sounding very good to my ears. Nice tone and play. What’s your ultimate goal with playing? Are you working on any of the lead stuff or embellishments??

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Thanks Dave! I’m planning on following both justins grades and Troys metal guitar method. Hopefully get into lead playing after I’m finished volume 1 of rhythm guitar. I’m starting with Troys metal lead guitar primer and moving on to the others. I have his entire series:

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Sound great!

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That was really good, your technique was very good, your vibrato was fine, it’s very difficult to use vibrato on such a short note. The killer on vibrato is when you need it on a long note to influence the sustain on that note.
It’s a great piece to learn the rhythm guitar to, it plays just as much importance as the solo really, I thought that you did remarkably well! :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:

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Well done Alexis. Your disciplined, deliberate approach to learning that marries Justin’s general material with Troy’s metal material is an example to all who come to learn to play with a specific aspiration to play a particular genre. The foundation is essential to build the specific upon but while it takes time with dedication you can make satisfying progress relatively quickly.

I am also reminded of a comment by Keith Richards (my paraphrase/context) who said when asked if he considered himself to be a lead guitarist said there’s no such thing, you are simply a guitarist and play what is needed to serve the song.

Keep rocking on!


@BigLuc Thanks Luc!

@DarrellW Thanks Darrell, you’re absolutely right; the biggest difficulty I’ve found with this study regarding vibrato is just how little time you have to do it. At my current level I could on average only get 2 bend and releases before having to jump all the way back to the open E5.

Also yeah I like Troy’s studies because they are specifically arranged by him to practice the chapter content.

@DavidP Thanks David and welcome back! I couldn’t agree more with you. I’ve said this before regarding Troy’s material, despite it starting from the beginning I’d say it’s not too beginner friendly. Justin’s material is so much better for beginners and spends a lot of time teaching you how to practice. He also tends to put a ton of detail into his explanations where Troy may gloss over a little (Vibrato is great example) Putting the two together has really pushed my progress forward in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I started playing 8 months ago.


Sounds really good! Definitely doesn’t sound like you’ve only been playing 8 months! :grin:

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Hi Alexis,
Another nice and tightly played song from you :sunglasses: :clap: … and that tone :ok_hand:

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@roger_holland @Aaronwith2dots thanks!

Another belter Alexis… you are progressing really well… I’m really enjoying following your progress…m I’ve never really listened to much metal music… so every one of the AVOYPs you post is introducing me to this genre of music and I’m enjoying listening to you play… way beyond my play grade to give you any meaningful feedback… all I can say its time for you to join or start a metal band :sunglasses: :guitar:

P.S. your rock study inspired me to give high way to hell a go on the new amplifier with the moves of Jack Black

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Thanks James! Troy’s lead playing make these sound harder than they are I think, lol. Glad you’re looking at highway to hell, awesome song. that one on the other hand was harder than it looked to me. AC/DC has really tight rhythm and that d/f# was tricky for me. Good luck!

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Another cracking song Alexis. You’re really getting this rock stuff down. You must be a natural rocker.

I’m really enjoying following your journey and it’s great to see the progression you are making with each new song you do.

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Thanks Stefan, really appreciate you taking the time to watch.