Tapping Your Foot

I still struggle with this. I need to do something to keep rhythm and I need a foot tap.

But…I am holding in a classical position and the guitar lift is on the left thigh and the end of the lower bout on my right. Tapping either foot bounces the dang guitar! I have tried toes only, wow, that is harder than I thought. Head bobbing may be the way to go, but there seems nothing natural about it.

I use the metronome, but I really need a physical way to match it.

@Jamolay , have you looked into a metronome watch?

I have, but aside from the cost, I still think it is different to actually move part of your body to the rhythm. I don’t think it is a substitute.

Maybe I try toes again…

My experience is that foot tapping hurts my playing just as often as it helps me, so I just let it emerge naturally. This usually happens when I really find the groove in a song I know well.

Is there something specific in your playing that you think will benefit from foot tapping?

If not, I wouldn’t worry about it. In fact, I vaguely remember reading that classical teachers discourage students from tapping their feet…though I can’t remember why.

I’ve got one and I don’t think it’s a substitute. I feel you still have to connect with the pulse and tap your foot or wiggle a toe etc.

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