Taylor GS Mini vs Martin 000 Jr

I’m still learning lots and pondering a future purchase. I’m thinking I’d like to get a 3/4 size acoustic guitar and it appears that the Martin 000 Jr and the Taylor GS Mini are the front runners, at least according to YouTube and the internet. Any thoughts from any of you in the group that are lucky enough to have one - or both? Are there alternatives I should consider?

You might also consider the Baby Taylor, which is a true 3/4 size.

My personal opinion on both those guitars is you can do a lot
better buying a 24.75 scale small body like an oo or L00 size.
Both guitars are over priced by about $500 because of the
names on the head stock. Both guitars have very short scale
length. The GS mini is 23 in. not sure what the Jr is.

Mini is 23.5", Baby Taylor is 22.75".

I currently have an Alvarez RD20S and the body seems big to me and it’s uncomfortable to hold. Thus the appeal of the 3/4 size. Maybe I just need to figure out a way to adjust the position when I play. Also, I’m wondering if a thinner neck/fretboard would make it easier to nail some of the chords. Perhaps these are just newbie problems that will work themselves out over time with lots of practice and finger stretching exercises, etc.

Do you have a suggested model that I should look at?

The D in the RD stands for Drednought. The largest and most
uncomfortable guitar for most people to play.
Here’s a guitar size chart
There are all kinds lf small body guitars that sound way better
That both the Jr and mini and cost way less for better sound and
play ability.

I too started playing a drednought (that I’ve had forever), and found it uncomfortable to play. I am small in stature (5’4") and was having problems playing because of the size of the guitar. I got myself a Ibenez AEG70L. I am VERY happy with it.

It is a thin body, cutaway, 24 3/4" scale, built in tuner, and I don’t find it hard to play at all.
I paid $5oo Canadian.

I would have a look at them at least.

I just checked Alvarez website so if your happy with the quality
of yours they have Folk, OM, Blues and parlor guitars all these
models are smaller body guitars than your dred.

What’s your budget? If you have your heart set on a Martin or
Taylor I suggest go and play some of their smaller guitars you’ll
be a lot happier.

I also started with a dreadnaught and hated the size. Then one day I realized I didn’t think about it much any more. I’ll never try to talk someone out of gear, though…

Given that you’ve currently got a Dreadnaught I would be more inclined to look at a 000 size guitar, 00 or parlour size are going to sound thin and are often used as ‘Blues boxes’.
A lot would depend on what your budget is, an indication of what it is would be useful. What you could get could be anything from about $300 up to $1000!

I got a Taylor “Baby Taylor” BT2 last weekend as my new guitar to kickstart learning again.

I bought a travel size because I’m pretty short (5’ 7") and don’t have the longest fingers in the world. It’s extremely comfortable in terms of the size of the body, and the length / width of the neck for a little fella.

What these guitars do not do for a newbie is play themselves for you unfortunately. It is busy on the fretboard and early chords like an A are pretty clustered, but that could easily be my cack-handedness rather than the reduced scale of the guitar.

I’d recommend trying to listen to a smaller guitar in person. I tried a Martin LX1E and a Tanglewood TW9 in the local shop and that confirmed to me that I liked the size of these 3/4 guitars, but those two were really bright to my ears, so I took a risk and ordered the BT2 online as it was regarded as a “warmer” sounding guitar online due to its mahogany rather than spruce top.

It’s also £200 less in the UK than the GS Mini and £300+ less than some of the Martin 000’s. Which in my head means I’ve saved that amount and can buy an electric “just in case”.

I would encourage you to play each of them for as long as you can before you commit. I had a mini Maton which is a very good guitar plugged in, but the majority of my use was unplugged and with the smaller body size it really underwhelmed me. I have played a GS Mini briefly and it was one of the better small guitars I’ve played. It also depends on your style of playing. I play mostly fingerstyle without finger picks (using the pads of my fingers) so the volume a guitar is capable of matters much more to me than someone who strums with a plectrum.

I bought a GS Mini (mahogany) for traveling in our Airstream. No experience with the Martin. I really like the Mini - good size for travel, and the sound is amazing, surprisingly so. The slightly narrower neck makes some songs a little more difficult for me - my large fingers get in the way down there on the first few frets sometimes. Not a deal-breaker by any means ( I just need to work on technique!). I highly recommend it. Go play one and see what you think!

I was just looking at that guitar. How does it sound unplugged? Most video demos play it plugged in.

It has good sound unplugged. Full balanced sound. I like it.
It’s not overpowering, I suppose because of the thinner body.

Thanks for that! Closest one is 1.5 hours away. Really looking forward to checking out.