Text selection suddenly totally broken on Community site on my iPad

Starting today, I’m seeing a problem with the Community part of the website.

I can’t select text from another post reliably on my iPad. I can select a single word, and a grey "Quote icon pops up.

But when I try to extend the selection, it goes crazy, for lack of a better term. Screen scrolls wildly, and selects huge swaths of text far from the original selection.

This happens in both Desktop and Mobile mode.

This is making it impossible for me to quote sections of other people’s posts.

Anybody else seeing this?

@Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team … pass on to website team?

Yeah, it can get a bit erratic - I’ve taken note of this and copied the text I want to use and just bring their name up on the post and just put the words I want in quotation marks. Remember that the LHS of your quotation words adjusts from the top and on the right the bottom - it does make a difference in how easy (or difficult) it is to do what you want to.

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When I select text in your last comment, it works.

But when I tried it in two other topics, it failed.

Must be an Ipad problem. I have no problem copying and quoting with my Samsung tablet

Tom, can you share what generation of iPad and OS and then I’ll pass this on.

iPad Pro - 12.9 inch

iOS 15.4.1

Thanks Tom

Here’s a screen recording showing the problem. I was just trying to extend the selection, and everything got selected.

In this case, it might have something to do with there being an “@” tag on the line immediately above. I was able to select normally in other comments in the middle of a paragraph.