The Cranberries "Zombie" (acoustic + vocals + solo)

So, I was wondering whether to upload this today. I know that a while back in my learning log I was pondering whether to do a mash-up of different parts of what each guitarist is doing, but ultimately decided against it, because for that you need at least two guitars (where one is playing rhythm and the other is doing small licks to accompany it at the end). To my ears it did not work, so, ultimately, I decided to do a simple acoustic version with a mash-up of Em, Cmaj7, G6, D/F and Em, C, G, D (but since the idiot that I am, and was looking at the chord tabs while playing that mash-up, which I originally intended to do for intro, pre-choruses and interludes, when the rest is Em, C, G, D flew-out the window; so, I only did that in the intro and in the ending parts). On the bright side, used somewhat different strumming for intro and ending, compared to the whole verses and choruses. Also, added small licks with hammer-ons and a solo (but I have to work a bit on it yet, because I don’t much like how I played the solo; you’ll see…). At the end of the solo I also did a harmony on the fifth fret of A string, but since the recording is, well, bad, and I use my fingers for strumming, you can barely hear it (but it is there).

And… well, that’s probably it. Yeah.

P.S. I was using flat-tuning for the song… for no other reason than before I practised a bunch of songs with flat tuning and was too lazy to go to standard.

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