The F Chord Lesson on JustinGuitar

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Are you rolling your finger over slightly like Justin suggests or are you laying it flat?
If you need to put that much pressure on the guitar the strings are probably sitting in the creases of your finger around your knuckles. It could also be your guitar needs a set up.
Try playing the F chord at the 5th fret(this is and A chord).
Pay attention to where the strings lay under your index finger.

Hi Liz @Rogcharb,
Rick @stitch gave you good advice. I’ve been working on this for quite a while now, and still Eric’s recent observation above helped me think about fretting that barre differently. In this case, I think the visual is what helped. Keep at it, keep trying different things, and stay patient!

One thing I’m always fighting against is pressing TOO hard on the strings. It strains my hands, my wrist, and my shoulder. I try to go back and practice my open chords as lightly as possible. Then, try the same with your barre chord, maybe on the 5th fret. Get as close to the fret as you can, that will help the buzzing.

It’s never good practice to put too much pressure on the strings. Not only will it create tension and pain, but it will also raise the pitch of the notes which causes unwanted dissonance.

Applying too little pressure mutes the string or makes it buzz. You don’t want that either, but it’s less problematic than raised pitches caused by excessive pressure. Most of the notes in a barre chord are doubled, so no big drama if a note doesn’t ring out properly yet. We can fix that.

Stitch gave you the best advice. Start a few frets higher and adjust the position of the barre. With enough practice that will solve your problem. Once you can play the F chord with a light touch you can move it to the lower frets.

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