The F Minor Chord

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So what’s the trick to hitting the F minor chord? Obviously it’s not a case of just lifting a finger, as the G string is then muted using the bent finger bar taught by Justin. I’ve tried straightening my finger, moving it up and down, using the bottom and side, but I just can’t seem to find any position in which I get all strings to ring out cleanly. On the rare occasions I manage to get the G string to ring out, something else is dead instead.

I do have pretty bony fingers, but I’m sure there are plenty of players out there that share this genetic trait! Any tips on how I can solve this problem?

Try F#m it’s a more common chord and being played on the second fret it’s a little easier. If thats still not working you can move to up the neck to Am (5th fret). I find using the bent index finger to barre minor chords work for me.

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have you checked out this lesson: