The journey takes a turn; new acoustic and drum pedal for 2024

Thanks @Richard_close2u a lifelong guitar and a box that is going to change my practice time and live stuff significantly i think. Really enjoying your vintage club sessions sir!

We are on the same page @LBro I’ve attempted metronome work and just can’t stay with it. I have aspirations to play in a group someday and playing to as close to a real drummer as possible seemed like the best path.

I’m with you on price, I wouldn’t call it irrelevant in a guitar search but it’s farther down the list. Playing and pricing lots of guitars and brands helps narrow the field and once you find the one you see what you can do but unless you go used the sellers are usually at the same starting point and for this package it’s not low :grinning:.

I can’t fathom a 12 string at this part of my journey, I hope you play that one a lot!…Rod

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Somehow I missed this, but happy new guitar day!

How are you liking (loving) it a couple months later? This guitar is on my list for ones I want to try when I upgrade later this year (it actually represents the high end of the budget I’m saving for).

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Thanks for asking! It’s so rich sounding. You wouldn’t think that slightly larger body would produce such a significant punch over my PRS parlor but it does. They say the more you play Koa the more it settles in tone. All I can say is I’m doing my part by playing it most every day.

Here is video from last month at the retirement home. It’s everything I thought it might be……Rod

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Stunning new guitar Rod, certainly getting quite the collection now!! And it sounds lovely, can’t wait to hear you share something from the studio with it.

Pleasing to see you’re still playing for the retired folks, awesome thing to do for them and you. :clap:

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It looks and sounds great!

This is one thing that really piques my interest about koa (in addition to its looks, obviously)! Love the idea of it growing into a fuller tone with time and playing.

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