The Look Cover - Roxette

LOVE this song guys, so figured id give it a try!!! Def a fun one!! Hope you guys like it!! The Look Cover - YouTube


Loved that Byron. Spent 7 years of my life in Sweden and both my kids were born there. We are moving back there next year. Marie Fredrikson was a great talent gone too soon. Super job and loved how you covered that song!

Thanks Eddie! I actually heard this song on the radio and was like wooow I LOVE this!!! So i wanted to do it and well here it is! lol. Thanks for the comment and listen!!! :slight_smile: Rock on!

You did a fantastic job on it Byron. Loved it!

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Nicely done and I enjoyed it. Had never heard it that I know of…

Good stuff all around,

Thanks man!! :slight_smile: Yeah i never heard it until the other day!! Great song for sure!! Appreciate stopping by!! Listening and commenting!! Thanks for the support!

Was Marie Fredikson from Sweden?

Always loved that song. Great job on the strumming! Thanks for sharing.

Never heard that song before Byron, love it!

Thanks man!! Long time no see! How you been?

Thanks twistor! Its def one of my favs!!

You were nailing it, Bytron. I was sorry when it ended so abruptly.

Thanks David! Yeah i kinda messed up on the ending lol, but its not to bad!

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Hi Byron , yes she was Swedish :sweden:

That’s awesome!! She was really good!!

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That was a great cover Byron. I really enjoyed it.

I agree with Eddie. A real loss.

Thanks yeah thats sad :frowning:

Roxette :heart_eyes: So good strumming and rhythm, well done! :raised_hands::blush:

Thank you Silvia!!! :slight_smile:

Top work Byron, also loved this when it was released, you’ve done it proper justice there.