The Look Cover - Roxette

Great again Byron, nailed the feel/tempo of this one :+1:

Wow thanks Notter!!! :slight_smile: Yeah I ADORE this song its awesome!!

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Thanks man!! Im happy you liked it! :slight_smile:

Thanks to all thats commented!!

I happened to stumble upon this recording on you tube. Roxette was one of my favs back in the day. I thought about giving a few of their songs a try. After watching you, this one seems really achievable. You do a fantastic job and each video I see gets better and better. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks man! Yes!! Im happy how this one turned out! Thanks for listening and commenting!

Nice one Mr Hemmings ! Not a band that feature here that often if at all. Never on my radar to follow but they banged out a couple of decent hits. You did it justice in your own inimitable style !

Thanks Toby i really appreciate it!! :slight_smile:

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