The Madman's Learning Log

Thank you kind sir. May I refer you to Dr Denis Leary, Lock n Load - My Kids circa 14:30 and the secrets of martial success. :smiley: As for the doobla N’Dureth I am working on the barnet as well !! Alas, though all that you list is fair comment, the Harley has been out for a soul 10 minutes for fuel this year, while my wife recuperates our Sophie is my constant companion. And its next to impossible to get a GSD to ride pillion !
Be well frère des barbes. :sunglasses:

Very nice. They’re both beautiful basses. I would probably go for the blue one as I like my basses big and woody. In the videos the the red one sounded crisper but I suspect it has a pre-amp with tone controls and the blue one is passive? If so, run the blue one through a pre-amp for a better comparison.

I’m baffled to how much a ton sterling is.

Love that. That would be great! A partner in the truest sense!

Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to hear what you and your wife come up with :slight_smile: I’m sure it’s gonna be fun.

John my man !! Good to see you. On today FX rate it would be about $315 for the brace.
Here’s the specs which I am sure our resident bass man will appreciate !

Mr Blue
Mr Black (and mapley !)

Quite right Big Blue is the passive beast just volx2 and tone. The QTB has a preamp so its balance/bass/treble/vol knob wise. So bass to max treble to zero I guess ? :rofl: Nice feature is the volume on the QTB is a push/pull active/passive. But shoot both feel great !

The sound test was not scientific whatsoever. It was a case of powering up the Mustang III selecting the Fender Bassman as the Studio Preamp was waaaaay toooo quiet. Turning up the volume on each one and laying down a bit of “Alvin” and not a Chipmonk to be seen !!
So when all the Open Mic org dust settles and I map out my next lick grouping impro, I’ll sit down with these mothers and see what all the knobs do or don’t do. Then I’ll take a huge step back on the progress ladder and start Bass Room 101 from the bottom rung. :wink:

Now wherever my missus steps up to the plate or maybe mic, is another matter. She may have been saying that so I didn’t send them back. Think she’s much happier with knitting needles than picking fat 105s but never say never.

Take care big guy, hope the band are still on a roll !


I wouldn’t lower the treble! Bobby Vega wouldn’t have sounded like he did in the video in this thread without it. My personal preamp settings for bass, mids and highs are 6-9-6. I only have one guitarist to cut through who is usually living in the highs so I got a lot sonic space to fill in the mids.

Not a fan of chorus pedals though my guitarist has introduced me to delay pedals and I like those.

I wish you luck on your bass journey. It’s an entirely different place in the space of songs and there’s a lot of fun to be had in those lower registers. Buy a metronome if you don’t have one already, groove is all about time and bass is all about groove.

Have fun!

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John thanks for the amp EQ reference. Guess I’ll experiment to find my own tone. The tongue in cheek setting were regarding the B450s pre-amp but in reality I’ll start with them in the mid point, same as the JB20 and focus on a consistent amp setting on the Mustang for starters. The Fender Bassman model does seem a safe place to start.

In respect of space. Yes I am finding that interesting as I had been watching some Stu Hamm tutorials while the gear was in the post. Allowing room for others and synchronising with the drums were all mentioned, so my understanding of how everything fits together is improving. Hey that might help future project mixing as well.

Looking forward to some fun grooving and a bonus to improve my guitar rhythm from what I learn dealing with these monsters. And push me to other chord voicings!

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Hey Toby…

Thank you for your active involvement in the community. You have faithfully responded to my posts and I’m very grateful. Please know that it has not gone unnoticed. Also,I read through your log and checked out your photos. Your backstory really resonated with me - I relate to and admire your attitude.
Also, what a great set-up you have. I have 10 sticks, 2 amps and an ever growing garden of studio flotsam which I’ll be posting on my log, when I get it together. I was getting worried that I was somehow unnaturally compelled to collect shiny and colorful things. I suspect my wife thinks I should see a therapist (that’s a joke - she actually supports my indulgence with gusto.Yes, She’s a keeper…) But now, I think I’ll add 10 more :laughing: But seriously, I’m inspired to get started today on creating my own Learning Log. I hope you’ll keep an eye out.
Take care,


Thank you for your kind words. I guess I’ve always stuck to Justin’s Pay It Forward ethos, ha before even knowing what it was ! With all the support and help I got from the regulars on the old forum, when I joined here in back 2013 (many still here on the new one), it just became a natural thing to help folk coming up behind me. Encouragement, support and ensuring folks did not fall down where I had done before. And nowts changed on that score.

As to the stable, like you my missus is very support in everything I do. I don’t plan to add any more guitars to the collection, as I am happy with what I’ve got. But never say never.
I do need to add my recent Line 6 POD Go multi-fx to the log, so you see the GAS is still simmering,

As to your collection, yes it would be nice to see what you have and the Learning Log would be the place to post. On the old forum they used to be called Road Cases and it was more about ownership and acquisition but it got relabelled and now folks are diarising the progress. All fine but not so much for me, just now and then. But entirely up to you how you approach and maintain it.

The good thing about this place, is we are all here to help one and other and that way we all grow and get better. So always ask when unsure, help is just a post away.



A rare chance to see the Madman’s stable on parade, as everything is usually stacked n racked. But after 5 weeks of very little playing, due to the family holidaying with us, first order of the day before getting back into practice, was to dust everything down. Guitars, stands and racks were all looking a bit grubby but in an old house there is always dust. Normally as I rotate round, whatever I picked up gets a wipe over, so they stay clean. Today it had to be done wholesale but a good photo op for the crew !!


The eagled eyed amongst you may have spotted that the Streamline was missing. It had been dusted down earlier on before a quick noodle, so was MIA when the spring clean was finished.


Quite a collection, Toby, looks fabulous.


Looks good Toby. Your getting quite the collection.

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Hi Toby.
I count 12 plus the missing Streamline. That makes 13 which is an unlucky number. So you either sell one or buy one. The choice is yours. :smile:

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What does that mean ? :frowning_face:


Ironically, I’ve spent the last hour playing melodic patterns and licks on my old Affinity, which was my first guitar back in '96 !! Its the only one that hasn’t been hooked up to the POD GO and sounding very hot with the Iron Gear pups !! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

I did notice all your acoustics are dreds you need a L00 for pickin the blues and the are comfirtable guitars to lounge on the couch and noddle.:laughing:

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What a beautiful collection! :heart_eyes:

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What did I say about lighting the GAS ??

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Love your guitars but your dog is upstaging them all!

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Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner

Never mind the guitars what about the dog.
Is it Tervueren, GSD or something else

Michael :dog2:

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