The new JustinGuitar Community, how does that work?

Bonza idea ! But hey be interesting to see how the poll finishes. No landsides here yet :rofl:

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Love to know how it goes!


Hi and Welcome to the Community !

Read all about it here !

Hey hey everyone. I’ll
Definitely be more active now. Looking to get to know all of you.

  • Vinnie
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Good to have you on board, Lee :smiley:

Well I just checked the result of the poll, thank you to those who participated.
A one point it was getting close but as you can see The Madman come through 61/38 % !
But following a suggestion double monikered @Richard_close2u I am going to settle on
just so folks who haven’t been following know who it is. If the result had gone the other way, the display name would have been reversed.

So there you go first Community Poll concluded.

Cheers Peeps :sunglasses:


Looking good!! Happy Holidays everyone!

Very interesting. I changed my username (I’m JetCityCobra) and profile picture and it shows it was successful, but when posting, it reverts to what I had set on the main website.

Good to see you again Cobra its been a while. How d’ya like the new house ? :sunglasses:

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I’m loving it! Getting ready to think about some new upgrades to the appliances and carpet that greeted me upon my arrival.

The new community looks fantastic and I just love the improvements to the entire site!

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Ooh crumbs, I went off and got all busy for a couple of weeks after just getting started up in the Other Place, and when I turned around everything’s changed!

Hopefully there’s an easy way for the Co5 thread, etc. to be migrated over?

Hi Iain bet it was empty when you went back there ! Good to see you made it all the same.
In respect of Richard’s Circle of Fifth thread and the other Tips in that section, yes he plans to move them. Easy maybe not but I have no doubt it will be done.

If you take look around you will see some of us have already move items over. Roadcases, AOVYP posts, most of have combined them into back catalogues, set up tips for the Open Mics etc. So if you have anything you want to bring across, now is the time to do it. Just create a new topic in the appropriate category/sub category and copy and paste,
Shout if you need help.




Thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner - I was so new over there though that I don’t have anything that needs moving!


Oops,…I just started to find my way around the forum,and take a forum read break for a while …changed the whole thing …and I’m not good at figuring things out when it comes to these kinds of things well,…this is the only forum (Community now) But I’m sure it will be fine again, and I don’t be in a hurry…checking some things out now …so i keep it short
Greetings and wish you all much fun and fine days .


Good to see you here, just shout up if you get lost or need help.



Thanks Toby,
I have just make a foto of myself …put it on the computer, and now trying to put it her,
If I succeed I will virtually open a bottle of champagne :))
Greetings Rogier

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@JetCityCobra @iainism @roger_holland
Great to see you all here.
Ian - yes, I will be moving my posts over.
I will re-read and perhaps edit / improve.
Also, all the images etc need work as embedding images works differently here. One of my threads has over 220 images to transport across.


Did you enjoy your champers, Rogier :champagne: :grin:


Yes ,the victory was sweet, …

But actually right after i succeed ,my touchpad stopped working…of course a stupid coincidence,…but i tried to navigate with the keyboard for a while,…that didn’t go well,…now let’s hope that I didn’t give anyone a thumbs down by accident, or something stupid like that…
5 hours of searching and updates later, my laptop was back to normal…learned a lot,…without my wife’s help :sweat_smile: