The pop sound while plugging in your guitar

Hey guys, I want to take a small video of myelf making a loop using bass and then switching to the guitar, using the same amp… but obviously there is huge pop sound that comes out when I plug and unplug the bass and guitar,

This guy seem to not have this problem (second: 20), wd someone explain to me how is he doing it?

As you guys suggested, using a tuner pedal or the “silent tuner” in my multieffect pedal worked, thank youu

Did you roll the gtr volume right off?

He’s using a peddle to turn the signal off from the guitar to the amp. Watch his right leg just befor he unplugs and just after he plugs back in.
A tuner peddle will kill the signal to the amp.

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Yes, I tried turning the volume of the guitar completely down, and I tried turning on the tuner attached to my acoustic guitar but it still makes this pop sound, it seems like this pop is unrelatd to whether the guitar can produce sound or not, does this work for you?

That’s because the tuner on an acoustic doesn’t turn off the signal to the amp. A tuner peddle does. That how you tune your guitar on stage without the audience having to listen to it. The guy in the video is using a peddle. If you don’t have one use the volume on both guitars

Hmm, wouldn’t you still get the pop?

I think you need something in front of the looper that can block the signal from the guitar. As you say, a tuner pedal is a common option for this.



Or a volume pedal maybe, I would probably use both guitars plugged into a channel switch pedal, easier option really.

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you’ll still get some pop but it does quiet it down. Being really accurate and not touching the side of the jack to the socket helps a lot as well.

There are also cables you can buy with a plug that prevents the popping. google: guitar cables that don’t pop

Yes, I have one of those: it has a switch on the plug that you can press to isolate the plug contacts.

Most wireless transmitters also have a switch which turns them off automatically when you unplug them.



Wow, you guys are really helpfull, I thank you a lot, I think I will use the tuner in my multi effect pedal for now, i think it will be difficult to find such cables because I live in Egypt, but I will look for them, they seem to be very useful

The other option would be an A-B switcher, and just keep both plugged in, and stomp to switch between them.

Something like this: