Thegoog - January 2023 - Free Fallin’ (Jan 13) plus Redemption Song (Jan 28)

First time videoing myself playing…must do it some more, I learnt quite a bit from seeing and hearing myself. It’s given me some ideas but look forward to other people’s feedback. I’ve seen a couple of people post this song and enjoyed their versions. It’s one of my favourites to play so I thought it would be a good one to do first.

Added a new upload here:

Redemption Song


Hi, thegoog. I’d like to give you an opinion but the video appears as private.

Thanks, I’ve just fixed that!

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Cool version! You have a nice tone to your vocals.

The only small suggestion that I would give is to crescendo the chorus a little bit.

I struggle with this concept because I’m not always looking to mimic the original version of a song, or the original artist of a song, etc., but Tom Petty has a significant vocal boom going into and sustained through the chorus.

Your strumming looks steady and comfortable, especially at about a minute into the song.

Keep rocking :metal:

Thank you, appreciate your positive and constructive feedback! Yes I think I could work on Crescendo/dynamics. One of the others I saw here did that really well I thought. Free Fallin'

Thanks. Very nice cover, I wish I could sing like that.
However, perhaps you could work on the dynamics cause the tune becomes a bit monotonous; if the song didn’t last so long maybe it would be ok the way it is but in this case I think it requires a bit of modulation, at least raising your voice for one chorus or so.

But technically you’ve nailed it, very nice and clean. I enjoyed it very much indeed.


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Welcome to the Community, Greg.

I really enjoyed your rendition. The strumming was smooth, you seem to have a really good feel. Easy on the ear vocal to go with it. A fine debut in AVOYP.

You’ll notice I edited your OP (Original Post) to embed the video. I did that by copy and paste of the URL on it’s own line. YOu could also paste the URL in a paragraph if you prefer (some do).

I also suggest you post up an intro here in #community-hub:introduce-yourself, needn’t be long, just some personal background, guitar history, and aspirations/goals as a JG student and member of the Community.

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Kudos. That was great!! Thank you very much. Looking forward to more.

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That was a really good opening post Greg. Nice smooth playing and good vocals. Keep them coming !


Great first video. Strumming and chord changes sounded good. Agree with Jose about the chorus.

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Nice one Greg, very good all round :+1:

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Top job👍

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Really well played and sung Greg and vibes from me on your first AVoYP.
It is a monotonous song and needs a dynamic chorus crescendo. Work on that and your version will be A+.

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Sounds good goog. I like how you do the chorus, nice and mellow.

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I really liked your cover, playing and vocals both. In the original I think Tom Petty takes the vocals up an octave in the chorus. If you were able to do that it would take your cover up a couple of levels. You seem to have a pretty good voice, try experimenting with different keys to see if there’s one that’s workable for you to match TP’s vocal lines. Regardless though I quite enjoyed your version.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Greg.

A really great version of the song. Nice strumming and singing. I really enjoyed it.

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You are doing great, Greg. Nice song, good strumming, lovely vocals. Keep up your journey and hope to see you post some more here.

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Hi Greg :slight_smile:
I love the song and enjoyed listening to your cover. You have a very nice voice too :smiley:

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Hi all here is my cover of Bob Marley redemption song. I cut off the first couple of notes when I was trimming the video so as not to show me pressing record! Thought I’d try wearing a band T-shirt instead of the shirt that I had just mown the lawn in like last time… Also this time I did not have to crop out the beer that was next to me in the last one!