Thejoechoi - February 2022 - The Beatles, Romanian song, Somewhere Over The Rainbow progress, John Lennon

Nice job Joe can’t really fault it was played pretty much identical to the original. I agree with David that on this one bringing the vocal more to the front and are that the prominent feature would probably work better.

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Very nice Joe, the quality does show your experience - looking forward to your future weekly updates!
BTW **** (expletives) words are frowned upon as others have said, it’s down to the age group of some of our viewers.

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A song a week is a great project aim. In the old incarnation of the forum, we had a regular member Johan do exactly the same. He was at an earlier stage of learning than you are. The progress he made in tackling his project was transformative. It will be interesting to see how you build and improve and push yourself this year from your current position.

RE: no swear policy.

We do have an etiquette on obscenity (amongst other things) though it does not extend to censure of a song such as this.

Richard :slight_smile:


Another great song Joe. A gritty song and you performed it really well.
A song a week that’s quite an undertaking! Good luck.

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@Thejoechoi I thought this was superb, Joe. Your playing was faultless and it was a very impassioned vocal. I didn’t know about the no swearing policy but fortunately I don’t think I’ve recorded any covers with expletives :crazy_face:
You should replace it with a euphemism like “you’re all flipping peasants as far as I can see” but I don’t think John would have been so kind!
Keep the great covers coming!

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As Richard said, and I implied in my add to the main post, the odd expletive in a song like this one, is OK. I added the note to warn people who might not know that is in the lyrics.

The use of expletives among others things is not how we interact with each other here, as outlined in the Community Etiquette post.

That said, I think there are songs out there that would be at odds with our Community etiquette and spirit. Hopefully won’t be called upon not moderate posting of such songs.

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Thank-you, Joe. I am really enjoying your weekly posts.

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Thank you, Tim! This is a fun one to play.

Justin had a lesson on this. So blame him for the swearing!

I don’t know if I ran out of breath. I might have. I don’t remember! I want to work on that part. I realized I don’t enunciate some of the words like John does. My “to” in “if you want to be a hero” gets muddled. He’s very crisp with those. I picked up some bad California speech habits. I’m very cognizant of those when I record voice over, but need to pay more attention in music I guess.

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Justin taught a lesson on this song! He played it with the swear words!

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You too man! I got busy this week, seeing your post kicked me into gear. Otherwise I might not have recorded.

Yeah, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep it up. But now that I announced it, the pressure is on. Might have to dive into Justin’s lessons and see what I can learn in an hour or two sometimes.

I didn’t realize the swear words would’ve caused so much controversy. John Lennon still shaking things up all these years later.

Funny enough, I was going to put a different song up, but it had too many chord changes and I couldn’t get it ready in time. So I went simple.

I think the guitar got too loud on this one and it drowned out the vocal if anything.

My goal is to just build a solid repertoire of songs. I don’t want to do the guitar player trap of learning the intro and maybe the first verse and moving onto the next. Also work on more challenging stuff as time goes on. I’ve steered clear of songs that I could probably play, but they require some growing pains.

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Simple one, but a good one. Some of the best songs are pretty simple.

Hi Joe another fine one in your arsenal, that was quite enjoyable! Gosh 1 song a week?! I can learn 1 song a month and still suck at it :joy: respect!

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Some songs take longer to learn than others. The one I’m planning on posting this week took me 2-3 weeks.

Hey Joe, I listened to this twice. It’s good! Strumming is steady and even, chords sound great. Vocals are good too. Blending high and medium voice ain’t easy.

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Hi Joe that was really well done. I remember playing this years back when I went through the Old beginners course in the days when I didn’t sing let alone sing and play It’s a real marathon you but were steady right the way through good solid rhythm very impressive. Maybe it’s one I need to revisit and have a sing along.

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