Think2100's Learning Log

I picked up the guitar again in November 2021, after being away from it for about 25 years. When I was young, I did a little strumming, picking, and singing to a 12-string. Never took any lessons, and never got very good at it. Bought myself a Taylor acoustic 6 string and a Les Paul Studio after retirement and started learning from Justin. I tend to get obsessed with things once started, and guitar was no exception. I was playing 5-6 hours a day for several months (putting up with very sore fingers and doing lots of hand and forearm stretches and strengthening to prevent tendonitis).

I’m not terribly settled when it comes to choosing a genre or style. As a fellow guitar-playing friend of mine said when choosing genres, “I have trouble deciding. I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to guitar music.” But for now, I’ve gravitated toward acoustic picking, blues, and electric lead parts.

I also started writing songs pretty much from the get-go this second time around on guitar. I didn’t write songs when I was young, but when I took up guitar in 2021, I started getting notions for lyrics in my head, and then finding myself spinning them out pretty quickly. Then I’d come up with some simple set of chords and melody to go with them. At least that was my method until my most recent song in which the chord progression came first, then an idea for the lyrics. One thing has remained the same though - when I get an idea for a song, I think of almost nothing else for about three days, and then it’s done.

I’m now working on Justin’s 5th grade intermediate level course, specifically starting to try to incorporate hammer-on’s and flick-off’s into my improvising on the electric guitar. On the acoustic, I’ve been working some time now on a few songs to improve my picking skills. I’ll often take a fairly lengthy hiatus from the lessons to just work on challenging songs that I like. Songs motivate me.

Anyway, still loving this journey, and appreciating the support of the community. I’ll leave links below to the songs I’ve uploaded so that they’ll all be in one place, and the songs from the old forum will be transferred over here.


You are definitely headed in the right direction. Keep it going!

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I can relate to your comment about working on lessons vs songs, Jay. In my case so much so that I think I have been mostly consolidating over the last few years :laughing:

You have a great feel for lyric writing and your play to date has always served the songs you write so well.

Look forward to more as you move ahead.

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Hi Jay. You have started a great Learning Log and I’m really glad you have migrated all those videos and collected them in to one place. You have a canny knack for writing and delivering a song. :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot for sharing, Jay. I’m really glad you decided to pick up the guitar again because you seem to have a knack for writing music. Keep playing and composing. You don’t know how much you can help others continue with their musical journey.


What a fine body of work you’ve created Jay. Your talent as a song writer shines through and it’s so very well supported by your playing.

Power to you.

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Writing this as I am listening to the song The Dream. What a great tune!

I am glad you returned back to guitar after 25 years and I am happy you are migrating everything over to the new community. Respect for putting in stretches to prevent tendonitis!

Okay, now I need to listen the remaining songs in this thread!

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Once again, thank you all for your kind remarks . . . .Such a supportive community.

A terrific collection of original work Jay. Well done. I’ve just listened to all your songs again. As I’ve said to you elsewhere, I do like a story song and you’re so good at them.

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Welcome to learning logs, Jay! I’m looking forward to when I’m not at work and can watch your videos. Day off tomorrow so it won’t be long!