Those strange Icelanders ;-)

So I spend a lot of time working from home and listening to a lot of internet radio. One of my favourite stations is Folk Forward on the Soma FM channel - it’s mainly modern country’ish, mainly US stuff - with some odd ambient bits and pieces - but normally interesting.

Anyway, they keep playing a strange instrumental track called “Leather and Lace” by an Icelandic bunch called Amiina and I’m trying to figure out what the wierd warbly instrument in the background is if anyone knows? In my mind I keep thinking it’s a slide whistle like I used to muck about with at school - but it’s probably not.

I won’t post a link to the song on YT as I’m not sure if that’s the done thing on the site - but it’s there for your… errr… listening joy :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.


I think it is oke



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Thanks Roger. It’s either some kind of synth; or more excitingly, an ancient instrument probably used by the old gods when sacrificing goats, but here goes…

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Looks like they’re stroking a saw…in the beginning but that is not the sound you mean I think

But I don’t find it the most pleasant sound so listening once is enough for me :smile:
Surely someone will be able to serve you better.

Good luck with your quest,

Edit…I have an idea, I’m going to find it maybe … a whistle with a hole in the bottom and then a thing that you pull in and out … you see :roll_eyes: :smile:

Stagg Lotus Flöte ?

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Sounds like a Theremin to me.

Nice piece by the way.


Roger’s right, musical saw :smiley:
They can be very atmospheric if not overused.
The Tiger Lilies use them on occasion


You are so appreciated!
Stay well, and keep healthy!

Amiina. - The Cello sound is very similar to the one The Hu band produce, on their ancient instrument. I have heard saw also and could actually be. On the video, there is the dude on the electric stuff. Not sure what he use. Have no clue about those electric things. But very interesting and thnx a lot for brining this up. :+1: - Old culture from my area kind of.

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Yes Sgt that was my thinking after seeing Sheldon playing one in Big Bang Theory
on tv.
you beat me to it

They are playing a saw. I’ve never heard this band before so it was a fun investigation!

I found this old video of the band doing a song with just saws. pretty wild.


Wow. Nice find Kaymesser! :+1: :sunglasses: :pray: