Thrill Is Gone Cover

Hey guys heres another cover… With my trusty Tele!!! Just waiting around for a focusrite to get here as LBro is helping me out with it!!! Just doing it old skool for right now!! Hope you guys enjoy!!! Thrill is gone cover - YouTube


I guess you guys could say i have the blues! :slight_smile: As i can relate to this song lol. Cheers!

Hey Bytron … that was pretty cool, glad I stopped by to take a look & listen, plus excited to see how you make use of the Focusrite when it arrives.

You’ve probably noticed I don’t watch and comment on all your AVOYPs these days, like I used to. Not a lack of desire, just that conflict of limited time, so many AVOYPs, and I figure I may have a little more to offer those working through the early grades and you being as accomplished as you are.

So I cherry-pick and picked a goodie here. Loved the more funky vibe that you had going on the rhythm, the smart use of the capo to make the chord shapes simpler to form and make the changes, the embedded lead lines and licks, and that final outro on the lead.

If I’ve not said it before (too many posts, too many replies), the tele looks and sounds great, and it is a treat to hear you playing electric as well as acoustic.

Keep playing old time rock n roll and the blues!

Hey David! Im glad you stopped by and listened to this one as well! This is up there with some of my best i think!!! Thats understandable David its no problem!!! Thanks yeah im loving this tele, best electric ive ever owned!! Take care David and look forward to some of your stuff as well!!! :slight_smile:

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Hi Byron,
I could actually say the same as David :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:…although I do remember saying how beautiful I like your new guitar…I think :joy:

Nicely done David! Buy yourself a Gibson “Lucille” tribute as a reward.

Great stuff Byron. Tele sounding bloozy good!


Hi, that was a good’un loved it.

If only i could afford something like that LOL!

Nice playing Mr B! Sounded great.

If it were me I would add just a little slapback delay to your lead playing rig. Not something you need to do because you are rockin’ the tubez with followers, likes and such. Just something to consider to fatten up your single note playing a little.

Play on playa!

Thanks CT! Ill have to check that out!! One other member mentioned that as well… May have to get one!!

Thanks sairs for the listen and comment!!! :slight_smile: Hope your doing well on your guitar journey!!

Thank you Willsie01 glad you enjoyed it!!! :slight_smile:

Hi Byron,
Sounding pretty good. Once you get your AI and get to used to the new gear a bit, it will be interesting to see if you can beat this recording and mix as it sounds pretty good. For sure you will have more options open to you for creativity.

I seemed to have heard this song name prior, but I don’t recall the tune. I found it good on the ears and liked your play.

Keep up the good effort, and projects! All the best,

Seriously? B.B. King’s “The Thrill is Gone?”

Hum - Though I take in a lot of deferring genres of music, (save for rap) King has never been on my “go to list”. Thanks for posting the original and I had a listen. Can’t recall ever hearing it. I have now indeed heard it and thank you and the OP for the enlightenment!


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That was cool, especially with the fills! Im tryning to put something together myself for thrill is gone with chords and fills but so far only got a single 12 bar.

Thanks LBro glad you enjoyed it! I have to agree on the mix i thought it turned out great!!! :slight_smile:

Its time for a big fat LOL