Tigerbob learning log

Looking forward then to when you come back. Take Care. :slight_smile:

My medical problems continued and I was hospitalized about a month. Now trying to rehab my way back to health and mobility. At least I am home now! It will be some time before I get back to the guitar, but I am working on it. I will follow the Justin website when I can. Bob

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Hi Bob, I wish you all the best in recovery and hopefully you will grab your guitar back in no time :slight_smile:

Hi Bob,
That’s quite a long time in the hospital… and I wish you a speedy and as good recovery as possible… :bouquet: :grapes: :tomato: :cherries:

Focus on your health Bob and take your time. The guitar will be waiting for you, for when you are good and ready. :sunglasses:

Hi Bob, as you have written in a previous post your health is the most important thing right now. When it is appropriate you can have guitar time again. Wishing you a steady and lasting recovery.

Good to hear you are back home and wish you a speedy recovery back to 100% health, Bob.