Times Like These Acoustic Cover

Hey guys so i did this song awhile back and just wanted to do it again! Enjoy! :slight_smile: Times Like These Cover - YouTube


Another good performance Byron. You learn these songs very quickly. I’ve an interesting question not related to this song. Do you like the band The Jam?

Thanks Socio!!! Hmm Im not sure! Ive never heard of them ill have to check them out. Why?

Have a look at this video of the song The Butterfly Collector. It’s a Jam Song. Having watched quite a few of your covers and originals its a song which I think you could make your own with the Byron Strumming.

Hey Byron, this one was really good. I think the vocals were in your range much more so than some other ones. Nailed the song too. Nice playing dude, a great listen.

Well done, Bytron. Great vocals and strumming.

Really enjoyed that Bytron. Well played. :+1:

That was great Byron. It amazes me how fast and how well you play the songs.