Tips for jamming with tracks

Hi , any1 got some tips for jamming with tracks , I’m having a minor meltdown , I’m fine jamming with ordinary strummy songs , but ! I love wish you were here , and I can play the riff and the strummings fine , i can play the song , I even burst into song playing it :confused: ,BUT ! When I try and jam with the track on the app , it all goes 2 poop ,e,g, when the solo parts are playing etc. It’s throwing me off , I’m presuming I’m going to get suggested to , just to keep at it , but any tips welcome , thanx .

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Hi Colin,

I’m not using the app, but there’s probably an option to slow the backing track down somewhat. Then you could work your way up to faster tempos.

You’ll get it better if you listen to the song and feel the grove of the strum then slow it down a bit with the app. After a run through speed, it up