Tony's Learning Log

Thank you @SILVIA , it was fun. It does help that I am only playing in front of friends, not a paying audience :wink: I have just got to tweak my practice routine now to include songs that have the elements I want to learn in them.

I am glad to see that your gigging is still ongoing Tony. :slight_smile:
Great experience, I am sure.

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Hey Dusty!

I’m sure you’re extravaganza was a lot of fun for you and your mate. And now you’re looking at spicing up your rhythm for the next gig.

Go for it!

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Well, I have just had a surprise. Due to our performance Rusty Nutz and Dusty Roads have been asked to do a country and western night at a local social club next year! This will be my first performance in front of a paying set of customers who are not just our friends. Best of all they will pay us! :wink:


You are becoming a professional musician Tony! :smiley:

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Very Scary!!

Wow! Did you ever think you’d be saying that 12 months ago? Great stuff. Enjoy it.

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@Sandylaner Thanks. I still think it’s weird that any would want to pay to hear me play :wink: Going to make the best of it though and enjoy every minute. At ;east I have plenty of time to improve my technique before then.

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Well I have finally given in, I am going to learn to ‘sing’. It has been pointed out that if I did backing vocals on stage it would help the lead guitarist and it would also not look like I was just there to make the numbers up. So I will have to jump to Jason’s lessons on singing and then see if there is a similar site to for those who need to sing.

So that I have a starting point, I recorded a short song that I made yesterday in reply to a musical invitation to a party.

The quality is not good as I used the webcam microphone and it picked up the pick noise from the guitar, but it gives me a starting point to compare later progress to.


Ooo you have it in you to learn to sing well :smiley:, what a start, fantastic and also pleasant tone :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses:

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@roger_holland thank you. Confidence is the main stumbling block at the moment, but personally, I find that comes with practice.

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Well played and sung. Good fun too.


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@beejay56 thanks Brian

Hi Tony,

that’s an excellent starting point for your singing - and I like the idea behind to answer an invitation with a song! :smiley:

Your voice sounds pleasant to my ears and you have a good foundation to start on. And you’re right: confidence comes with practice. There is not much difference between playing and learning guitar and learning to sing. Your voice is like an instrument as well, a built in one, one could say. :joy:

Lots of folks here checked the “Discover you voice” program by Chris Liepe, myself included. It’s a nice, comprehensive course and you learn a lot. But it’s a paid course, though.

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Thank you Lisa for your kind comments.

I will look into this, thanks

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And worth every penny. Frequent offers as well, just need to time your purchase right.


@TheMadman_tobyjenner thank you Toby, I will keep a watch out for the offers

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Well done Tony! :smiley:

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@Boris1565 Thank you Boris.

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