Too Many Guitars

I have nice a problem in that i inherited a Flamenco Guitar and now have that along with a Parlor and an Electric so Iam torn which one to practice with,which to pick up each day. Ihave started my second year and my goals at this age is to explore and learn as many things as i can. Need to stay focused at the same time.I follow the lessons and ive begun to woder if using 3 different types of guitars is too much,does it slow progress down ?

Practice with the one you enjoy playing most, if there isn’t one that you enjoy most then use the one that’s easier to play for you.


I don’t understand the title.:wink:

Just try them all. Play a different one each day until you either gravitate to one or figure out what you can do with each guitar.

I generally play my steel string when I can make noise, my electric when I want to strum and rock out a bit but need to be quiet, and my nylon for certain classical practice or fingestyle practice when I need to be softer.

Pirate !! :wink:


Put each one in a different room for quick access incase of emergency withdrawal symptoms .



Sorry, you just divided by zero.


First world problems, right? You have no idea how good you have it. This guy has one guitar and one string:


Yes I am gratefull to have had the opportunity of working hard paying off .America ben very good to me…I feel guilty and greedy when i realize i have three .

Nothing wrong with 3 guitars. Just play the one you feel like at the time. If you don’t pick up one for a month… that’s OK!

I also have 3. Electric, good acoustic and starter acoustic. Hardly ever play the starter acoustic now but it comes with me on road trips and I don’t care if it gets splashed at the pool or the kids drop it.


I have a daily rotation of my three main guitars, using a different guitar every day. The necks are similar enough that I don’t feel it causes me any finger memory issues and it does give me an opportunity to learn the potential of each instrument. Like @jkahn, I have a 7/8 scale guitar that gets played less often but is my ‘campfire’ guitar.
A guitar ignored is not a happy guitar and may upset your mojo! :man_mage:


I have too many guitars also. I think we get delusional that buying a new guitar will make us play better. After buying the Martin guitar I was completely satisfied, yet this year I bought a fender strat and 12 string acoustic. The real answer is practice perfectly as Justin says. I pick 1-2 guitars I play most of the time. I have an ESP ltd- awesome guitar but don’t play as much because it’s heavier than the fenders I have. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with building a collection and rewarding yourself for hard work.

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Its ok to have a few guitars to play with. Often its fun to change guitar to get another sound… mine has different woods. Hence another sound from them. One has been set up with a low action. That is very good for fingerstyle, not so good strummer.The other have a bit narrower neck and higher action. Amazing to strum with…
one have a very dark and boomy sound. The other a little bit brighter and not so boomy.
there is no shame in having a few different guitars and change up a bit.
Suddenly something happens with your guitar and it is suddenly not possible to play it. And it needs some TLC from a luthier… then its important to have another one at hand.
That is my two cents on the topic…

Totally agree with all of the above. You can never have to many guitars, providing they are not all the same. I alternate my three main guitars a dreadnought, a cutaway grand auditorium and a hollow body electric. I think its a great idea to have a guitar in every room apart from the toilet that would just be weird and unhygienic. If it makes you pick up the guitar and play then its a good thing.

…but more than enough attitude to make up for it, love it, thanks Clint.

For me, Its not a problem of too many guitars but a problem that the house is too small.

Time to look for a bigger house :rofl:


Contemplating brought to mind that i can also use different one depending on on tired ,or sore my hands. Guitars are very physically challenging.Like any other physical discipline,somedays you have to use lighter weights, run slower etc… Feedback keeps me on the rails…thanks

a not occured to me…

I have several guitars and they all inspire me differently.
I play some more than others and it oftencomes in periods and waves.
Some songs work well on all guitars, others just shine on that one particular one.

The title of this thread though…I think it almost crashed the webserver :smiley: