Traveler - January 2023 - Aaron Lewis, Patty Loveless, Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Shania Twain, Aaron Lewis

Thank you! I was trying to play with some dynamics a bit on both of these recordings so my strumming is quieter in some places.

My dynamics definitely need some more work :+1:

Thank you @alexisduprey !! I still need to work on my camera viewpoint and set up a little more. I should be fully visible for the best feedback.

@adi_mrok I just had my vocals going into the condenser mic in front of me, and I didn’t have the phantom power on because I was getting feedback through my monitors.

I didn’t even think about it in this scenario but I’m going to use my new headphones to monitor next time I record.

I haven’t gone any route other than just setting up my live gear and recording with an iPad yet. I have a Scarlett 2 input audio interface now too. I gotta figure out how to use it more, but I couldn’t get it to function properly on my iPad.

Laptop next :+1:

You need phantom power for condenser mic as far as I am aware, otherwise you are not able to get anything off your mic to your ipad or laptop. So basically from what I understand you still recorded sound via Ipads mic rather than via condenser and that sounds that way too as condenser mic would sound better I am sure.

You had feedback because condenser mics are sensitive so you can’t use your monitors to hear yourself, you need headphones ideally. When you switched phantom power off you lost your condenser and you recorded with ipads built in mic I think.

Try on the laptop and see if you hear a difference. Use headphones and phantom power - I am sure I will be able to tell you did it the right way :wink:


Thank you @adi_mrok !! I’m gonna give that a go tonight!

Lots of learning here. Ha!

Heya all!

New Phone so I’m testing video quality for the first time!

This is a clip by one of my favorite artists.

Set Em Up Joe—Jamey Johnson


Here is a tune by one of the most talented people in music today! I hope that you all enjoy it.

Any feedback is always awesome!

Whiskey and You—Chris Stapleton


Nicely played, you seemed confident and at ease. Strong voice too. Well done

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Thank you @BobW72 !! One step at a time! Ha

Great work as always Travis!

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Thank you @Eddie_09 !! Trying to push the Bm barre chord a bit there, and making that a more comfortable exchange.

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Well played Travis, would be good to see your guitar in the videos though! Only saw it a couple of times in that last one.

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I realized that after. Getting there! Ha

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Some great video’s there Travis. Loved the whiskey and you track.

I hope you’re enjoying your new equipment.

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Thank you @SgtColon !! Unfortunately I can’t use the audio interface that I got until I get a laptop, which is my next purchase! It doesn’t seem to work with my iPad.

I did get a new phone that I recorded “Whiskey and You” and “Set em up Joe” on, and it seems to have much better video and sound quality.

Baby steps! Ha.

Took in the song by Chris S. Very nice, great play and vox. Your voice fits this song and his style very well!

Kudos and keep rock’n!

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Thank you very much @LBro !! I play quite a few Stapleton songs now, and I have seen him live 3 times. He is awesome!

This was a brief article from the local ski resort that I’m playing at Saturday. I thought it might be neat to share. I’m still pinching myself a little from this one as I will be playing in front of a couple thousand people this weekend. Rock on!

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Break a leg, Travis, and stay off the slopes :grin:

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Thank you @DavidP !! I do plan on skiing the next day :+1: