Traveler - January 2023 - Aaron Lewis, Patty Loveless, Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Shania Twain, Aaron Lewis

Took in the song by Chris S. Very nice, great play and vox. Your voice fits this song and his style very well!

Kudos and keep rock’n!

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Thank you very much @LBro !! I play quite a few Stapleton songs now, and I have seen him live 3 times. He is awesome!

This was a brief article from the local ski resort that I’m playing at Saturday. I thought it might be neat to share. I’m still pinching myself a little from this one as I will be playing in front of a couple thousand people this weekend. Rock on!

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Break a leg, Travis, and stay off the slopes :grin:

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Thank you @DavidP !! I do plan on skiing the next day :+1:

Here is a tune that I have been playing around with for a minute, dug into quite a bit the past couple nights, and figured I might as well record!

For what it’s worth, I have never heard it sung by a male. It made the vocal transcribing process a little tricky, but, fun!

You’re Still The One—Shania Twain

Hello all!

I have been experimenting a bit, and I’m slowly figuring out some of the processes.

The good news—I got a laptop this past weekend, and can now use the scarlet audio interface that I purchased a few weeks back. I installed reaper, and am slowly working through how to use the DAW (much more reading, and experimentation required)

I recorded a song last night, in one sitting but two different capacities—on SoundCloud through reaper, and just using my camera on the laptop. I notice some subtle differences in the audio between the recordings, but neither really sounds like what I was hearing on my headphones through reaper. I might have messed something up with the exporting process, because it seems like some of the FX disappeared.

Please let me know what you think—can you hear a difference between the two? It’s not a perfect recording, and I actually jacked up a couple of the chord transitions in key spots, but I’m excited about the studio end now!

Here is the YouTube/video version
Granddaddy’s Gun—Aaron Lewis

Here is the SoundCloud version (and my first recording on SoundCloud!)
Granddaddy’s Gun—Aaron Lewis

If you can’t tell I have been on an Aaron Lewis kick this month, but visiting my quickly aging grandfather recently motivated me to learn and record this song. As always, any feedback is appreciated!


I wasn’t sure where to place this post. I have a video collection post for January, but this is almost more scarlet/reaper related? Not sure….

Nice performance there Travis, you’ve got a terrific and unique voice, sounds great!

The Soundcloud version was much better for me in terms of clarity, EQ and vocal / guitar balance which isn’t wholly surprising, YouTube does do funny things with audio I believe.

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Thank you @Notter !! My initial perception is that the SoundCloud version kept the FX and balance vox and guitar, whereas the YouTube version eliminated all of it.

I think that I might have to either identify how to link the “camera” app with reaper, and/or, find another video recording program instead of just the basic installed camera app. Could be wrong…

Hi Travis,
I only listened to the you-tube version and I thought it sounded great,…played and sung very well :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:,…And this one can just be part of your January collection,
Have fun,

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Thank you @roger_holland !! As Johnny Cash said, “one piece at a time” :+1:

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Gig in two night! It is my goal to play all of my new songs this month on succession, ha. We shall see!

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Admins, thoughts on projecting my name worldwide? I didn’t know if that was ok?

Locally, I’m a History teacher, and have been for 14 years. Hence, I’m a public figure and pretty much everything about my life is public.

I know this is against the grain but I’m just trying to learn guys :+1:


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I’m not sure what you’re asking Travis.

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On a scale from 1-17, how awesome are you? The 10 scale is overrated.

It’s all good in the hood. Thanks for all the good you guys do!!!

Travis, like @Richard_close2u replied I’m not sure what you are asking.

That said …

The Community and AVOYP is about supporting your learning journey, a journey enabled by JustinGuitar. That enablement is for most based on following the grades from the first time of picking up a guitar. But for some it may be moe song lesson oriented.

Sharing in AVOYP is done to aid improvement. That comes for some just through simple encouragement. For others, learning online at home, the AVOYP shares are an invaluable way to ensure that what is applied correctly and flaws are eliminated before they become bad habits that are tough to eradicate.

The ethos of the Community is mutual support and encouragement, pay it forward. That spirit is conveyed not just by Mods but also by many of the Community stalwarts. The fact that the Community is self-regulating is one of the best things about it.

So in that spirit what is frowned upon is people who discover JustinGuitar, find the Community, and arrive in AVOYP to post recordings that are often high quality but offer zero back to the Community and appear to just be intent on boosting views, likes, and subscribes/follows on their existing channels. It doesn’t happen often and as I said early people in the Community respectfully encourage becoming an active member.

Now that is an extreme end of a spectrum and at the other are those members who post and engage with people who reply while equally, often more so, supporting others by listening and replying, even if the repoly is simple encouragement.

And naturally each individual sits somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum. It’s not my place to judge when one is drifting to far towards the ‘just about me’ end of the spectrum. The Community sometimes comments but mostly I’d wish members to appreciate this and self-regulate.

Goodness me, a long answer to a question I’m not sure I understand and as likely as not I’ve missed the concern entirely.

I encourage you to continue to share, to be an active supportive member, and continue to develop your gigging with appropriate use of social medial. Flooding AVOYP and sledom if ever engaging with others not what we want. What is flooding? Again not something that is an exact science. I think multiple recordings per week would be flooding, maybe even a weekly post pushing it Perhaps a 2/3 per month spread out is highly active but OK, especially if matched with engagement with others.

As I say, may be going down the wrong road entirely. If so let me know and I may cut this out and pin it as an etiquette guide to AVOYP :grin:


What you are saying makes sense, but that’s not what I meant at all.

After thinking about it, my question was redundant. Many of us are using our real name/exact locations. I was more intending to inquire what you guys thought about the risk of that for web hacking and identity theft, but I realized it wasn’t a very good question after posting.

As far as the “flooding”, I think that your monthly post concept pretty much makes it irrelevant. But I also don’t think that people who spend more time on music, or maybe learn songs easier or faster than others should be penalized—I’d consider that anti growth mindset, perhaps? Pending they are participating and interacting with others. But again, that wasn’t my question, or intended question. My intended question was very poorly worded, then I realized that it doesn’t really matter :+1:

Thanks for clarifying, Traveler. I don’t consider it to be a redundant question. I think an awareness of risks, and a proper understanding (rather than ill-educated opinions) is valuable.

As for the flooding, the monthly post concept remains under consideration. I think it can offer benefit in terms of being able to connect more effectively with a member’s recordings given they are consolidated rather than in multiple individual topics.

That said, in terms of managing the level of activity in AVOYP and in a nutshell (my opinion now, not necessarily an ‘official’ position), doesn’t help with the period of time when a new AVOYP topic remains visble when looking at the AVOYP page.

By visible I mean near the top of the list of Topics. In the old Forum the user interface was paginated, a set number of Topics posted on a single page. And the opinion would be that somebody browsing would be less likely to access the second page. So once something shift down to page 2 then probably wouldn’t be seen. In the Community that’s not the case. Now it is dependent on how far somebody would scroll when wanting to check-in on AVOYP postings. Given that a reply bumps a Topic back up to the top and as such everything else moves down, a consolidated Topic will not effect visibility of Topics on the page as I’ve described it.

As I said, that is my opinion, and we three Mods are still observing, listening to comments, and reflecting on this.

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That makes sense, and I didn’t even think about most of those aspects. Thank you for further clarifying with your very detailed response.

I’m still relatively new here, and after reading your response, I think that I understand now. I guess in that regard, I feel a little guilty because I have posted quite a few videos. But please understand, that the “flooding” concept was not my intention if your comments do apply to me.

Moving forward, perhaps I will only post every 3rd or 4th song I work on? Something like that? I have looked through several learning logs (including yours, top notch by the way) and maybe that concept could be good moving forward? If nothing else, the learning log concept has inspired me to make my own version at some point in time.