Trish (stackpop on old forum)

Hello, Trish/Stackpop from the classic forum. I’ve gone through Beginner and Intermediate in Justin’s old books and focusing on learning more songs. Hope to record and share some in the new year. Glad to see you all here.


Glad to see you found your way over to the new home, Trish. Look forward hearing some music in the new year.

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Glad to see you here, too. Looking forward to hearing your music in the upcoming year.

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Hi Trish, nice to meet you here. I’m very new here and just building up to posting my first audio/video. Look forward to hearing and learning from you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Trish so good to see you made it here. Lots of the old folks hanging around as usual but lots of new peeps signing up as well. Jump in have fun !



Hi Trish, happy migration and name change. :slight_smile:

Hi Trish, good to see you here looking forward to hearing your playing soon!

I’m trying to link to my reply in your log! :smiley:

Trish’s Learning Log

Hey I think I’ve done it!

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Welcome to tge new community Trish

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Hi and welcome back @Trish_S!

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Hi Trish, so glad you found your way here. Sounds like you have a lot of music ready for us to hear. Bring it on :smiley:

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