tRONd - January 2023 - Madrugada - Vocal

Thanks for listening @sairfingers :pray:
I find the sound quite ok, but its not a dread sound. But cant expect that either…
Yeah, maybe all that pillows do some for the sound Gordon :rofl:

Trond back with a classic performance and sounding terrific :clap:
As you suspect, not a band I’m aware of but I’ll be searching for them as that sounded very much up my street.
The new guitar sounds very nice, I’m looking forward to hearing it more. Welcome back to AVOYP :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot Mark :pray: nice hearing from you again :grin:

Yes, im 100% that you would like them. Check out industrial silence. Its theire first album. Its a classic :grin:

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:+1: :+1: I certainly will

Welcome back to the ring, @tRONd :smiley:
I see the mighty have fallen and Samson has been shorn by Delilah, removing his superpowers… :rofl:
Only joking. Scandi-noir sounding as sensitively depressing as ever…
Sweet :smiley:
Madrugada is indeed underrated band and Industrial Silence is a superb album.
I sometimes play along with one of my favourites, Salt
It’s only Em Bm (with an occasional Am :wink:).

Hahaha… thanks @brianlarsen
Yep. Salt is great, specially for us minor junkies :rofl:

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Hey good to see you here buddy performing again! Really great cover you definitely haven’t lost it, giving us all those minor chords made it very emotional and engaging. Well done!

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Nice work Trond. I’ve never heard of this band before but I really enjoyed your performance of this song. Shame to read about your shoulder issues, although it certainly doesn’t seem to have taken anything away from the quality of your playing. And also your singing voice is something for us to envy.

As you had suggested, I’m checking them out right now by playing one of their youtube playlists as background music while I finish up some work. And yes I can definitely see why you say that a lot of us might like this band :ok_hand:

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Thanks a lot for your kind words Sandro :grin:

Yes, Madrugada is a great band, that most outside Norway have never heard of. Most of their material is from 1999-2010 sadly they lost their lead guitarist to an overdose in 2007. And with him they lost a lot of their sound and artistic influence. They are still at it today, they have a new guitarist that is very good. But it is not the same.
The guitarist that past away, his name was Robert Buraas is today regarded as one of the best guitarist that ever played in Norway. He was known to mainly play on a old beat up Fender Jazzmaster throughout his carreer.

Great to see and hear from you here in AVOYP again, Trond. You still have the magic. Loved the song.

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Sounded great, Trond, plenty of emotion in the performance, really made it engaging. :clap:
I have a lot of Norwegian bands on my favourites list (Immortal, Darkthrone, Aura Noir, etc.) although they mostly have a much different sound to what I imagine Madrugada does, who I haven’t come across before, but based on that cover, sounds like they would be good to spin when in an introspective mood. Thanks for sharing :sunglasses::+1:


It is great to see you back and playing. That was superb. Such great singing and play.

Sorry to read about your shoulder problems Trond but it’s good to see you have a work around.

I do likes me some Madrugada after your recommendation. I follow them on Spotify these day’s.

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that is cool to hear Stefan… so glad you have discovered them :smile:

Seems like a little bit smaller guitar helps out, feels like it is the thickness on the guitar that causes some problems, not so much the size. By all means, there are bigger and worse problems in the world…

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I didn’t see this one when you first posted it, 16 days ago! Maybe I didn’t check JGC that day, or maybe it’s a time zone thing and got buried before I saw it… how could I miss one of my favourite AVOYPers! :joy:

Sounded awesome. Nice to hear you doing some strumming. Voice had a great emotional connection like usual.

On the shoulder thing. Do you go to the gym? I have had shoulder issues for years and an exercise called face pulls helps a lot.

Thanks @jkahn

I was told the exact same thing from my physio. So i guess i better start training :grin:

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Great stuff Trond, good to see you around.
Didn’t know the band, I’ll have to add them to my list.And a very interesting name choice for sure. Cheers!