Twistor59 - Aeptember 2022 - Sylvia by Focus

Amazing again just like your other videos. A pleasure to listen to. You’re a real talent.

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Really enjoyable :clap::clap::clap: Thanks for sharing…and of course such a nice name :laughing::wink::joy:

Hi Phil,
Fantastic performance, enjoyed it very much,…I have seen that weird Dutchman and Akkerman a lot, separately from each other most of the tiome and also in private situation, I talked a lot with Thijs van Leer especially afterwards or during other people’s performances at radio parties where I used to go often a long time ago to in radio/tv studios in the Netherlands…and Akkerman who belongs to the best of the worlds (also has been proclaimed the best) is still very alive and playing…(Or it must have been very resent/just happened)

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Brilliant Phil :+1:

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Thanks! Yeah it was 1972 - a scarily long time ago!

Thanks! and a great honour to finally meet the inspiration behind the tune :rofl:

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Oh wow, that’s some talented dudes you’ve met! You’re right about Jan Akkerman - he was in a serious accident in 1992, but has resumed playing now. One Focus piece that hardly anyone talks about, but I thought was fantastic was Hamburger Concerto - a long proggy piece which took up a whole side of the album of the same name. I’d love to learn some of that one day.

Certainly nice to have seen and spoken to them so often, I also went a lot in the smaller clubs/bars where LP/CD presentations were held and I have a number of friends who play and make music as a daily job…as is the last Dutch musical greatness (or slightly lesser greatness) I spoke a while ago…something came up with a virus or something(Maybe you’ve heard of it :grimacing:)
And now I have found out that sitting at home and getting tired/sleepy of playing guitar myself is much more fun than in sitting in the pub or something in the evening…
And i have no memory at the time of Hamburger Concerto so I’m definitely going to listen to that,…Greetings


Ah… yes, a chatty ‘box of frogs’ :laughing:

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:joy: :rofl:
and the worst part is that the first time after an hour or so I still didn’t realize who I was talking to…still don’t know who “thinks someone special”…but maybe it says “something” that I’ve never experienced it that way at all,…and actually with most musical Bn’ers …in the television world, on the other hand, there are the biggest creeps and bastards and. :speak_no_evil:…I almost literally ran away from there…
Very different from the angel that I am… :innocent:

Another brilliant job Phil. Those fingers were moving very fast at times, impressive. That last note sounded okay to me.

The tune sounds familiar as well, so I must have heard it a few time in the past.