Unwanted Harmonics

Or posture !

Remember those pics you always say I’ll be along to post, when someone is asking about neck angles ? Some solutions are easy to fix, you just need to lift your head up.

But now I have a tone dilemma, LP or Washburn. Its never ending !


If you are having issues with muting, you might want to try a neck mute/fretwrap:



Thanks for the links Keith. Great for lead work etc with both but unfortunately is was power chord rhythms and the progression features some open chords, along with the 6th and 5th string PCs. So both of these band-aids would not work in this particular scenario.

After several more run throughs, yesterday evening, it was definitely a combination of neck angle (too level while sitting) and an errant finger tip straying to the fret (and maybe “muting” to lightly). So some more focused fretting seems to have resolved it.

Definitely not present on the Washburns or Strat, so hand position relative to scale length could be a factor on the LP. So something to be mindful of going forward for this type of song.

@CT Clint an audio share, would be an OM spoiler and I like to keep my hand covered if possible ! But think of that 5th fret 6th string harmonic droning on and on in the back ground and mainly clashing with the D power chord more than anything.

Thanks again peeps.


No worries, maybe you can share after the big reveal? Just having a hard time hearing it in my mind’s ear. :slight_smile:

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Boy I wish I’d had that problem, until I solved it :rofl:

you could just post 2 or 3 notes an we could play Name That Tune :rofl: Just kidding, I understand keeping it under wraps.

If folk were into the unnamed band and I included the BT intro drums I suspect it would named on the first power chord ! :rofl: