Used cars - Bruce Springsteen

This is a cover of one of Bruce Springsteen’s lesser known songs taken from the 1982 Album Nebraska.
The song is told through the eyes of a young boy going with his dad to try and buy a”used car “. My dad is a mechanic and I always loved this song as I remember as a kid he always seemed to be fixing up or trying to get our used car to start. I hope you enjoy it.


Great! You sound great! The playing, the singing and the soul. We can ear these are not only notes for you. Means something to you and you communicate it. Great! Keep on !

Thanks Luc, I don’t rate myself as a singer much but have found that choosing songs that mean something to me means that they seem to come across better. Appreciate your positive and kind feedback :sunglasses:

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Nice :slight_smile:

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Thanks Eddie I’ve always liked that song as well as that album.

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A sincere feed-back

The best kind of feedback! Thanks again Luc.

Awesome! Good steady strumming and picking and a good voice to boot! Good job! :slight_smile:

Thanks Byron! Really appreciate your feedback :sunglasses::+1:.

Hi Eddie,

Good performance, singing and the wonderfully quiet/steady guitar :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

Nice one Eddie. The lo-fi of Nebraska, at the height of his global superstardom, was a great musical step for Mr Springsteen imho. Little homespun stories, a simple highlighting of a slice of normal life of everyday folk with bare bones vocal and guitar. You did it, and your family memories justice. :slight_smile:

Great stuff Eddie, very enjoyable listening!
Keep them coming, it gets easier every time you post :+1:

Thanks for listening Rogier and happy you enjoyed it :sunglasses:

Thank you Richard. I appreciate your feedback and support. A month ago I would have been scared to death to post a video of me playing and singing. This community has given me the confidence to keep posting and I can feel myself improving.

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Thanks Darrell! I am glad you enjoyed it and thanks for taking the time to listen!:sunglasses:

Wonderful - another great performance Eddie. Your vocal is really good, with the phrasing and delivery very reminiscent of The Boss himself! Guitar sounding clear and clean. Good to hear how the song resonates with you as well. Nebraska is one of my favourite Springsteen albums and you’ve really done this song justice.

Good stuff Eddie. Not one I’m familiar with as I have to admit to not knowing a lot of Springsteen songs.
Super playing and singing and the fact the lyrics meant something to you came across in your performance. Well done.

I’m not familiar with this particular song but I enjoyed the relaxed way you played it. :slight_smile: :+1:

Wow thank you Godfrey! That is some serious praise. Am so glad you enjoyed it! A month ago I probably wouldn’t have posted myself playing but thanks to people like you and this great community I have discovered a new found self belief. Thanks again!!!:sunglasses:

Thank you Gordon. I always loved songs that resonated with me and the first time I heard this song it did just that. Thank you for taking the time to listen and to provide feedback!