Victor from New Jersey, USA

Happy to join the community. Retired recently so found the guitar again. Now I have the time to devote to learning.


Welcome to the Community and wish you happy retirement, Vic. Wish you well on getting back into guitar-playing.

Welcome, Vic. Retirement is much sweeter when a guitar is involved! Jump in, the waters fine and everybody here loves guitar.

Hi Vic and welcome.

Retirement kick started my desire to play after getting nowhere for nearly 2 decades. :sunglasses:

Welcome to the community Vic, just relax and join in the fun!

Welcome to the new community Vic.

Welcome to the community Vic

Hello Vic and welcome to the mad house. :slight_smile:

No time like the present, Victor! Congratulations on your retirement and on your choice to pick up that gee-tar! You’re in the right place!

Hi and welcome Vic. Congratulations on your retirement. You’ve picked a really good place to learn guitar and there is plenty of support here. Enjoy the journey :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Vic, nice to have you here and congrats to your retirement!
Have an awesome learning journey - there a plenty of nice people here to support you.

Hello Vic, retirement + guitar = good times ahead. :slight_smile: Welcome to the community. Check here for some fellow travelers. Older guitar students / Can 'old dogs' learn new tricks?