Video for L8 Songs using Stuck 3 & 4 chords (Practice Grade2, module 8) has no sound

I do not hear any sound on the embedded video that accompanies the L8 Song practice. I tried:

  • clearing cookies and cache;
  • use another browser;
  • use a different computer.

It did not work on Ubuntu/Chrome and MacOS/Safari+Firefox. Other videos play just fine.

Is this an intended effect or a glitch?

It is a known glitch Iโ€™m afraid.
To remedy it Justin would have to film, edit and upload the entire video again.
It is on a long list but not near the top I donโ€™t think.


Just another shout out for this - it has been reported in the past several times but maybe a new ticket will boost it up a little. :slight_smile:

Thank you, good to know! I will find the songs in the app and look for videos on the website.